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GAStrikes again, only on a somewhat OT item.

Rick Hoffman

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For some reason, I so closely associate keys and bass. I know they are two totally completely different instruments, but JPJ forever tied the two together in my mind. And I know there's a few bassists here that sing and play keys and other instruments so, here goes.


I already posted this in the keyboard forum with pics, but I picked up an old Baldwin organ at a yard sale. Bought it for next to nothing, its in great shape and it brings such a warm presence to my room.


And it does turn on and make sound, although it sounds like there's a key stuck somewhere. maybe it needs to be lubed or something I know some of those old organs need oil although I don't think that applies here.


I plan on using this thing for extremely funky jam sessions at my home. After some furniture polish it cleaned up very nice.


Any guys in here know where I might be able to download some schematics for such an ancient relic? Thanks!

"The world will still be turning when you've gone." - Black Sabbath


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