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Funkiest Jam Band!

Cliff Bordwell

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both great bands. one thing about RR- i mentioned him to someone i was jamming with who's seen him three times(as an opening act) and said that they never change their set list, not even the order of their songs.


i love MMW. they're truely *amazing*. i have the combustication album, as well as john scofield's A Go Go(they back him up on the album)


good stuff :thu:

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Have you heard The Grayboy Allstars? It was the band that Robert Walter and Carl Denson was in. If you haven't,check them out. The Allstars or anything by either of those guys.


They get lumped into the whole Jam Band thing even though its funk (IMO).


You could check out some older stuff too,if you haven't. Later Jimmy Smith and Grant Green,JB's,Maceo and the Macks,Meters, etc.

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Not really new but I really like Steve Kimock. A drummer hipped me to him about a year ago.


Would the Brooklyn Funk Essentials qualify? They're not new, they are seriously funky and the get played on the Sirius jam band station.


Widespread Panic does a cover "It's Gettin' Hot in Here" which is pretty cool.

check out some comedy I've done:


My Unitarian Jihad Name: Brother Broadsword of Enlightened Compassion.

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I expect I'll get flamed for this, BUT...


It doesn't get much funkier or jammier than '77 Dead - especially a Help->Slipknot->Franklin's Tower from that era.


I also love Herbie Hancock's Headhunters Band (particularly the version with Paul Jackson and Mike Clarke.)


Galactic are definitely funky and they jam, too.


The Slip are good - their bass player is way funky and plays a cool fretless Jazz Bass.


John Scofield's Au Go-Go (with Medeski, Martin, and Wood is funky and jams hard, too.)

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