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A Little Bitter

Seamy ALB

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To be honest I can't see the wood for the trees but here is a review from a battle of the bands we played in.


A Little Bitter, a Coalisland 3 piece came next. Their sound was definitely on a grunge vibe. Another excellent set of musicians. Their first song was a blend of melody and grunge with the bassist really giving it socks. They really seemed to be enjoying themselves up there. The second tune was a tad more metally with some good harmonies between the bass and guitar, real Metallica/Thin Lizzy harmony! The song was built around a heavy guitar riff. A Little Bitter were a firm favourite of the Empire crowd as they also went through.


I hope this is ok



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Dig it, Seamy D, I'll try to check out your stuff when I have a moment and I'm not using a laptop w/ crappy speakers.


Sometimes we're a little tough on folks whose first post is self-promotion or band promotion. Just so you've got a heads-up.


However, if you're really here to participate in the forum and share with us things musical and things bass, please tell us some more about yourself -- how long you've been playing, what kinds of music you like, etc. (As an example, think about how a game show host might introduce you.)


There's also an "introduce yourself" thread on which you should consider posting.


Please join our crew in some of the other discussions. Prove to us that you're not just here to drop a spam bomb and then take off.


Welcome! :wave:


Peace. :cool:




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Really nice website. I flipped through and saw a picture of you (?) playing a Warwick 6 string... Thumb right? Nice hunk o' wood. I listened to 'Angels', pretty good track. You do need to go back to the sound engineer and kick him for not turning the bass up a little more, can barely hear you through my laptop speakers.
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I decided to bump this thread, so people who haven't listened to SeamyD's band can judge for themselves :) Is this considered spamming too?


Seamy, hope you don't mind that I'm not PM'ing you, but here's my take on the EP: I expected to hear grunge (and my idea of grunge is and has always been Nirvana and Pearl Jam, to name but two) and as such, I was pleasantly surprised. Not that I dislike either of the bands that I mention, but it's just not my preferred genre.


The three songs I heard reminded me more of the British punk band Snowdogs, vocals aside. There are some very interesting shifts and riffs in all three songs, and contrary to what others mentioned, I think the bass comes through clear enough. The vocals aren't always my cup 'o' tea but that's a personal issue, I guess :)


All in all, I give it a thumbs up :thu::D

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It's not an album I'd buy, but that's just me. It is good, & the playing seems excellent to me. The vocals are the weak link. They're not bad, & potentially can be very good, but at the moment they seem spotty. You can tell he's not 100% sure of his pitch, & as a result sometimes he's a little out of tune, or having to move to much around a note to mask the pitch, or just a bit hesitant. It's a problem that can be fixed. But it strikes me that in most bands, even good ones, the playing is usually the first order of business, & vocals sort of get what's left over. Audiences do not consider vocals an afterthought. I suspect what sets the VERY good bands apart is that they've realized this & adjusted themselves accordingly.


Good stuff--keep going!

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