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Impedance and gain and tone surprises...


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Firstly: With no batteries in, sound still comes out of my EMG equipped bass as long as the Aguilar preamp is bypassed. Sounds pretty good on the E and A string but gets really quiet on D and G. Weird.


Secondly: This bass is loud enough to drive my QSC PLX 3002 to near clipping when plugged straight into the power amp. That takes a lot of volts. In fact it's about as loud as when plugged into my SWR Grand Prix (with the gain set to only approach clipping on the very very loudest notes with onboard bass knob cranked) and the master volume set at 75%.


Thirdly: Now this is weird! When plugged into the SWR GP, I can switch between OBP-3 on and bypassed, and assuming the EQ is set flat the volume (and tone) doesn't change at all. However, when plugged directly into the QSC the volume drops dramatically when the OBP-3 is bypassed. We're talking about 15dB at a guess. I presume this is because the preamps in the EMGs can't supply enough current at their usual voltage due to the low impedance, so their output voltage drops. Electronics are complicated...


Fourthly: But I prefer the tone through the SWR GP - happy discovery! It gives it that certain something - just a bit of dirt and growl and colour - though to most bassists' ears it would still be considered squeaky clean.


I am happy. :D


Now to record the bassline for Tsunami Song 3. And then possibly the vocals... help!



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Hey alex, I'm not a big electronics buff but I get what you mean...I've been messing with my first active spector and am only know beginning to get comfortable with the tone controls, after first understanding them.


As far as recording tsunami songs, I asked to be in on that but I guess they need folks with home recording equipment. I need to get in gear and get some gear.

I can help write lyrics or come up with melodies, though...

"The world will still be turning when you've gone." - Black Sabbath


Band site: www.finespunmusic.com

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