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keeley vs analogman compressor


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hey all,


so, i want to buy a pedal compressor. since all adaptor-based tube pedals use a starved-tube-circuit, i decided to go for a non-tube pedal compressor.

after much reading i cannot seem to decide between robert keeley\'s compressor and analogman\'s comprossor . i like the attack button on analogman's pedal, soundwise keeley seems to be a bit better. i don't know. does anyone have some experience with these pedals? i live in europe and cannot check the pedals out. they cost a lot and i want to spend it wisely...


thanks for the info!!

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Anybody know about those Keeley Compressors? $200 w/ military discount!! I've been thinking of ditching my Trace unit because I don't have a power supply I don't have any idea where to get one.




Saw a picture of your board with said Trace compressor w/ said power supply. Where'd you get it? Anybody have a lead on one?

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