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OK, you have $5,000 to spend...


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Window shopping fantasy...


If you had up $5,000 to spend on any hand made, 'boutique', designer bass, what would you get?


I'm talking about basses that you can actually go out and buy not a complete fantasy. # of strings is not an issue since anybody will build you a bass with any number you like.


Sadowsky?, Zon? Mike Lull?, Spector? Alembic? Nordstrum? (okay, I can't possibly list every manufacturer, so help me out here).


What would you run out and get?




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I'm happy with my Warwick & Tune basses. I might pick up a Rick 4003, and I'd get a high-power full stack to go with it (either Ampeg or Carvin or whatever sounds great). AND I'd take the leftover, and pick up a vintage 100w Marshall full guitar stack I've seen recently.

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Originally posted by jeremy c:

I'll take an MTD 6 string. Please make it blue.

So would I if it had another three frets! But as MTDs don't, then I'll take a Ken Smith 6. Or a Dingwall (if I can fathom how to palm-mute comfortably with a fanned bridge...)


If I had $10k, I'd also want a Walter Woods Ultra and some Accugroove cabs, maybe a Whappo Jr and a Tri110 or a couple of Tri112's.



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Mike Rutherford (Genesis) had this doubleneck assembly that allowed him to mix and match guitars and basses; the neck-thru section had all the hardware and pickups, it would interface somehow with one of the two "neck" pockets in the body that held the control electronics. I don't know how it worked, but the concept was pretty cool to watch the first time I saw Genesis play.


On the other hand, 5 big ones oughta handle a Sony Vaio notebook, firewire hard drive, ProTools, some MOTU rack interfaces, and maybe a decent condenser mike or two. That would give me a recording studio I can carry around in the trunk of a sub-compact. Mobile recording has always been a pipe dream of mine. It could happen!


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$5000?! Boy oh boy yer givin' me some serious gas! If someone was giving me $5000 to spend on one bass... I don't know... maybe a custom Sadowski or something like that I guess... I don't know... I'd probably have someone make me a 5 string bass that had 2 MM style 'buckers with series/single/parallel swithes for each pup and an active pre, and an alder body with some fancy fangeled top, rosewood f-board with block inlays.


If I could spend it on more than one bass, I'd probably get a MM Bongo 5 w/2 'buckers, a Line6 Variax bass and a real nice Spector Euro bass with the remainder.

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A nordstrand similar to the one that dr suu just got and either an ashdown evo900 head or an swr900 head.


suboctave generators are amazing. I just played through one for the first time in my life yesterday. WOW.




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Man! 5k? I've caught a lot of bass but never one worth that much. :P


Seriously though - can you get a whole 5 grand into a Dingwall? Even the top of the line Tune (hot, hot, hot!) is less than 3 totally hot-rodded.

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hummm i would ethier A)Buy a CB Bass cuz they are so so sexy or B)Mutt a fender 2 my liking like am currently doing. C)Sadowsky cuz they are amazing

The basses

-'04 MIM Jazz bass black

-'98 Fender American-Deluxe P-bass natural

-Peavey FuryII blue

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OK, OK, I'll play (kinda) fair.

Dingwall Prima, custom quilt maple top, custom deep green stain.


Crest (or QSC) power amp, Demeter pre, Epifani cabs (because I played this rig a while back, and it was nice). Ya gotta hear the Dingwall...


That may be over 5000. Oh well.


And I'd still take a used Toyota, if the price was right...






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I'd get an AccuGroove Tri-112.

I'd get a Peavey DPC-1400X power amp.

I'd get a preamp to-be-determined (Read? Kern? Avalon?)


And I'd get one of these: Click me!!!


Oooops, I already have one of those! :o Silly me! ;)


I'd get another one -- chambered mahogany body, 5-pc maple and mahogany neck, top TBD, ebony board, passive electronics, 5 strings. Oh, and make that fretless, please. :cool:


Then again, I'd be more likely to take the following route: Use some of the money to send my wife and kids to visit my father-in-law in CA ($1500?) and use the rest to fly Dave Brown and Jeremy Cohen to NJ, to stay at my house, and give me private lessons and supervise my practice ($500 each for flights, $1000 each for the lessons/supervised practice, and $500 total for a couple of nights out to hear some live music and have a couple of decent meals). :D






Fanboy? Why, yes! Nordstrand Pickups and Guitars.

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A Yamaha RBX765A and a Fender BAssman 1200s Pro!

Wait a minute!! I already have those!

Cabinet wise...

2 of these

A really nice rack mount wireless system and a couple of other toys.



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I'd like a good fretless bass. I might see what Mike Lull could do for me,or possibly pick up a Pedulla Pentabuzz.


I'd also check out a Kern preamp,and if I liked it any better than my Alembic,I'd buy it.


I would also go cabinet shopping to find the perfect one. I like my cabs,I'm just not sure that I've found THE ONE yet.


This is all,of course,if I didn't have to spend it on non rockstar stuff like my 12 year old Jeep.

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