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Another Steely Dan Thread


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Just had to say it...


Got my hands on a DVD copy of the Steely Dan Storytellers VH-1 performance, over the holidays.


Holy crap! Is that one highly musical and inspiring performance, or what?!


I was amazed at how true to the original recording they were able to get those classic Dan songs sounding live, production-wise. And of course, many of them sound even better with that live feel of collective soul and groove running through them. Amazing!


Definitely a DVD that every Steely Dan fan needs to own!



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The offical Steely Dan website says the Storytellers performance has never been made commercially available. A friend of mine offered it to me for free, as a gift. I actually have no idea how he acquired it.




It's KILLER! There's seven or eight songs on there, with questions from the audience inbetween. The sound quality is truly great. The band kicks ass! Tom Barney on bass, Cornelius Bumpus on sax, three excellent female backup vocalists, full horn section, a second keys player, a second guitarist, with Becker on guitar, and Fagan on keys and singing, naturally.


From memory...


They perform...




Kid CM

Bad Sneekers

Cousin Dupree

What A Shame About me



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Ha...I knew that was comin', Steve!




I believe that the concert is out there on the big bad web someplace, and available as a bootleg download.


I 'suspect', although I don't know for sure, that's where my friend acquired the DVD he duplicated for me.


I'll have to do some research on that.

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A few more deets from the Steely Dan website...


VH-1 - Storytellers: On February 1 2000, VH-1 taped a "Storytellers" featuring Steely Dan, also at Sony Studios in New York. It is scheduled to air on April 24th.


Walter and Donald were joined onstage by Jon Herington (guitar); Cornelius Bumpus (sax); Chris Potter (sax); Michael Leonhart (trumpet); Jim Pugh (trombone); Ricky Lawson (drums); Tom Barney (bass); Ted Baker (keyboards); Victoria Cave (BG vocals); Carolyn Leonhart (BG vocals), and Cynthia Calhoun (BG vocals).


And more here...






It appears that 'part' of the Steely Dan performance is available on DVD from VH-1 as part of a multi-artist compilation. One or two songs, I suspect.


It looks like those 'trading' websites, like the one above, may be the best source for the entire concert.

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