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The dawn of a New Year ... AND a job offer for Eddie :)


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I'm not sure if this would be considered SPAM by some of you, but I'll take the chance just this once :D Today, for the first time in my life, I got the call ...


Some of you may remember how thrilled I was when I got the opportunity to play in a NU metal/Metallica-style band and how disappointed I subsequently became when it didn\'t work out :(


At the time I'd declined several offers, including a covers band that played classic rock (think Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, Cream etc). I had committed myself to that other band and didn't want to break my promise ...


Like I said, it didn't quite work out with the metal band so I contacted him (the guitar player) but they'd found a bass player by then. As it is, their bass player left last week after some minor dispute and they want to give me a chance :)


I told him that I don't have time for the entire month of January, due to exams and that if they find someone else in the meantime they should go ahead and hire him or her. But I got first dibs on the gig :-) The guy felt as if he owed me that much :cool:


This does imply a number of things though ... For one, I'll have to postpone the music lessons :( I can't play in two bands, practice Aikido twice a week, maintain a relationship, pursue my master's degree AND take up the music lessons ... So I'll probably start those come the summer ...


Also, for the first time in my 'career' I'll be playing in two bands ... That should be fun :) The current band is with two long-time friends so I can't (and won't) bail simply cos I got a better opportunity here ...


Thanks for reading :) And a very Happy New Year everyone !!

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Hey good luck man wish you the best. I played in 3 bands once it was a lot for me to handle with a full time job and a girlfriend alone.


Sounds like you're on the right track with goals in sight. Thats an awesome thing. I know you've been woodsheddin, honin' your chops :mad: , and now this band calls ya up to give you a shot! :evil:


Have fun when you play for those cats. Stay calm and relaxed, and don't try to impress them with some Wooten or Jaco :freak: , and you'll be just fine...

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Glad this worked out for you.

Telling them about January school work is smart. Let them decide up front and respect you rather than screw up and get them upset.


The two bands thing can be interesting. Is the "friends" band gigging, or just jamming around? You should probably tell both that for gigging, it's first come - first served.





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Thanks everyone, I'm pretty excited about this :)


Tom, the "friends band" is still very much in the jammin' stage and it will be interesting to see if we will ever get past that.


JWH, Jaco or Wooten huh? I only wish :D Their previous bass player apparently was a virtuoso but also very much an *ssh#le so they want a solid (simple?) low-end this time. I'm their man :cool:


Only downside is that they have re-worked most of the covers they play. Guess I'll just learn the original versions and see how fast I can transcribe my bass line in a live environment :D

"I'm a work in progress." Micky Barnes


The Ross Brown Shirt World Tour

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