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Quick review: Spector Euro LX 5-string

_Sweet Willie_

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Great bass.


Played one at a local GC the day before I rec'd the Fish o' Luv.


It uses what I consider the "holy grail" of wood combinations for fretted basses: alder/walnut body, maple neck, rosewood 'board (also has a maple top). opinion> If I were to get one (not happening any time soon), I would consider doing a walnut top, since the walnut on this model is a pretty think middle layer slice. However, why mess with their choices when it sounds soooo good.


The 35" scale is very comfortable. The bass is very lightweight. I A/B'd it with a regular Euro 5 neck-thru, and the LX was both lighter and sounded noticeably better.


Huge sound. A bass w/ serious cajones. Built like a brick $#&%house.


Anyway, if you have an opportunity, give one of these bad boys a whirl.






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