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I met Bass_god_offspring!


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Monday evening I spent several hours with our very own Bass_god_offspring.


He was in Tucson visiting relatives for the holidays and checking out the UofA as a possibility for his future college education. So we agreed to meet at the local Guitar Center (unfortunately Rainbow Guitars is closed on Mondays, maybe next time.)


Mylan is a very friendly and pleasant young man. After the initial introduction jitters we got right down to the business of evaluating the basses at hand. BGO played many different basses, whilst I was confined to the two equally unimpressive MIM Jazz basses that were there. BGO definitely knows what he likes and doesnt like and I found his assessments of the various instruments closely mirrored my own. I was most impressed with a BenLoy model Jazz and a Modulus Graphite Flea signature bass.


However, the real hit of the evening was the Digitech Whammy pedal. I would not be surprised if BGO adds one to his pedalboard soon! (don't try to deny it BGO, you can always get a bigger pedalboard!) :D I tried a used BOSS bass flanger but wasnt very impressed with it. BGO ended the evening trying out a g****r, :eek: but well forgive him for that! :D


I had a really great time visiting with you BGO. It is so great to finally meet a forum brother in person.


I hope to meet more of you in the future, I plan to travel through northern California on my way to Seattle sometime this summer so maybe I shall get the opprotunity to visit with BGO and other Forum brothers and sisters then!



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Yay for you guys!!

I also found Mylan to be a personable, well spoken and funny young man. We didn't get to visit much when we met but my wife was particularly impressed by our young BGO.

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Cool, it's always fun to meet "internet-people" in person. Have met quite a few people off a Uriah Heep mailing list but no one from this forum. So far anyway :)


A Head With Wings, maybe I can make a drive to Ghent someday :) I probably missed out on the Christian McBride concert by now :( Sort of slipped my mind (and my budget :cry: )

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Low Downers meeting Low Downers ??!!??!! How can this be good? Next it'll be cats with dogs, lions with lambs, and guitarists with singers. When will it end !!


Glad you guys grabbed the opportunity !! Great to see you "spreadin' the luv" (as Willie would say).




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awwww, that was a very nice post, :wave:

i'm glad u all got past that "I hate 5 string" post that i made, i still dunno why i did it, think it was becuase someone else posted one, and i felt i had to.



oh, btw Dan, a good friend of my fathers also works at Raytheon too.



sorry about posting a whole new thread, i didn't see this one at the time...here's the link for anyone who wants the pic...


other thread





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I lived in Tucson for two years and never set foot in that Guitar Center (on Broadway, a fair distance east of the center of the city right?). Raibow was nice (though I recall being annoyed by the Monday thing on more than one occaision). I usually ended up at a place over on Speedway (...I think) called perhaps "Guitars, Etc."
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