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Two Questions


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A couple questions, mostly unrelated (of course except for the bassness).


First, does anybody know of a recording done with an Ashbory bass? I haven't heard one, and I've never seen one around town, but a recording is better than nothing. If somebody were to post a recording on here they would be my hero forever, or at least until next Tuesday.


Second, would wood from the linden tree make good wood for a bass? I think it would be interesting to have a bass made out of linden wood, since my name (Lindsay) means 'from the linden tree'.

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Well, I dunno about the linden tree thing, but....


Go to www.largesound.com and you'll find everything related to the Ashbory, including the best price on the internet, the best kind of talc powder to use on one and a special mod from our own Jeremy Cohen.


And somewhere over there they have a link to an vocal jazz album recorded entirely with the Ashbory.

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haha whats a Linden tree?


Maybe try contacting a lumber yard that specializes in rare woods (not just a pine 2x4 yard). Either that or maybe give some of the luthiers here on the boards (like cliff bordwell) or email them (like roger sadowsky) I'm sure they'll know.


I have no idea on their email addresses so I can't help you there. :D

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