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Merry Christmas, LowDowners...!

Chad Thorne

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...or Happy Chanukah, or peaceful Ramadan...


We were just discussing guitar players keeping time on the Guitar Forum and I thought of you "time gurus" whose ranks I was happily a part of for a while. I was forced to face the fact that I'm much better at "wheedly-deedly" than I'll ever be at the "thump-thump" so...


How's everybody?



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Wow, somebody still says "Christmas"?


So that's what 'holiday' this is. Almost got scared that Valentine's was coming early or this was Halloween part two or national 'Buy CheapCrapFromChinaWhileStuckInExcessiveTrafficSoYouCanGoHomeAndGetDrunkAndHangWithRelativesYouHateButOnlySeeOnceAYear Day' or something.




MERRY CHRISTMAS, everybody! And if you don't celebrate it, happy whatever it is for you... I'll be with the other 90% of the country in recognizing this federally approved 'holiday', opening my holiday presents under the holiday tree (filled with holiday lights and holiday ornaments) while watching the holiday parade while I keep my manger scene hidden far away from home's windows so that no passers-by may feel threatened or intimidated by my personal beliefs.


Sorry, I had to let that out. I know it's OT.

"Women and rhythm section first" -- JFP
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Happy whatever.


May you get as much joy as you give.


May peace rule the planets.


For those that have to work: may your day be easy and profitable


Hey dude, surf's up!

Don't look back. You never know what might be gaining on you.

- Terry Pratchett: Going Postal


A good bass player knows the notes not to play. - Nick St. Nicholas



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