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GK: the old and the new

The brazilian dude

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I want to buy a new head and it´s been about 2 months since I started researching amps. Ampeg, GK, SWR, Fender, Warwick, etc.

I was looking the GK site yesterday and something came into my mind...


What are the differences between the 800RB and the 700RB-II?? They have about the same power, but some different features.


I think this is interesting cause when you see the new GK heads, they look really atractive. There´s a tendency to simply discard the old 800RB and go for the new ones.


They both sound great? Is there any superiority? What´s your opinion?

Please, forgive my english, I don´t speak it very well
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As far as I can tell...


The 800RB is really only in the GK line up these days, because it's essentially the classic GK head that the company founded it's reputation upon. It was one of the first 'high power' heads, back in the old days.


If I were buying a GK head again, it would be the 1001RB II. My first generation 1001RB has been very kind to me. The new generation model adds another couple of hundred watts.

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depends on your definition of better.


I have a 1001rb just like edendude.


EVERYTHING in gk's lineup has different eq voicings.


I was talking with some guys over at gk only to find out the the II series was designed with a brighter eq.


So even though it may have the same power rating and almost the same sound, there are differences between the I and the II series and the classic 800rb.


whether or not they matter to you is up to you.




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As always, the ears have it. You'd have to listen and see what suits you.


I love the tone of my GK 1001RB for live work. Lot's of power and headroom to drive my Eden cab.


But I always prefer the tone choices my tube frontend Eden head gives me for recording.


So it's not only a matter of what 'you' prefer sonically, but what 'you' prefer with regard to various different applications, when it comes to amps.


On the other hand...


If you are forced to buy without an audition, because of your location, the GK stuff will give you lots of useable tone, reliability, and plenty of power and headroom, for the money.


And if it helps any...


I can't tell the difference between the sound of my GK 1001RB and the newer GK 1001RB II, with the EQ sections set flat on both heads.

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Yeah edendude...


It looks like you got my situation... Over here I´ve only found the 800RB for testing.


When I talked to the importer (is that right? - "importer") they said that there isn´t enough demand on the 1001... SO they simply don´t bring it over here. There´s only the backline series (witch I´m not interested)


I don´t intend to buy anything without testing, that´s why I´m interested in the 800RB now... Of course, I can always change my mind... That´s the hole point of doing the research...


Thanks man..

Please, forgive my english, I don´t speak it very well
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I played through an 800RB for 10 years and loved every minute of it (until I bought my WW). It was easy to get a good sound out of it, it was bullet proof and on the one occasion that it did break, a cruise ship electrician fixed for 2 beers.


I haven't had the opportunity to play through any of the new line up. If they are better, then that is great, but I think it is a mistake to equate newer with better without actually trying out both products.

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The GK800RB is sort of 1980's era technology. It's EQ section is voiced for 4-string basses. It's biamp design is the traditional woofer/subwoofer system that you might use inconjunction with a 210 and 115 cab (100 watts to the 210, 300 to the 115). The 700RB (or 1001RB, 2001RB) design is more modern. It's EQ is voiced for 5+ strings. It's biamp design is unique in that it has a 50 watt amp for your horn or tweeter and a large amp for your woofers. I think this set up is preferable.
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I'm resting my feet on my 800RB as I type this.


It's probably the best deal for the money in the bass world right now. They're cheap, they're light, and they're tough.


I had a problem with mine...the wiring inside came loose in a couple places from being banged around. I sent it in to GK and they fixed it for free.


I still keep it as a backup. It's a workhorse. You won't be disappointed.

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