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Adding A Steely Dan Song


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Originally posted by Edendude:

I have a confession...


I know most people seem to feel 'Aja' is The Dan's 'White Album', and it is truly great. I especially like Steve Gadd's work on the title track. And the songs and arrangements are amazing. But there's just something about 'The Royal Scam' that makes it my favorite Dan album. I'm not even sure why. But it's the Steely Dan album I most often like to play from start to finish.


As for the average audience diggin' Dan songs in a big way...


I think Steely Dan is just too sophisticated for the masses. They are like what fine cuisine is to MacDonalds. Not everyone has the sophistication of taste to prefer Lobster in Philo Pastry over a Big Mac.


Just think about how mediocre most mainstream music for the past 30 years has been, compared to Steely Dan.

Wow. Did I post this? The Royal Scam is,by far,my favorite as well. Its meaner and funkier. Maybe its my love of Rainey and Purdie together. As far as the songs go,they are all equally fantastic AFAIC.


When we play The Fez,which is super danceable,most people sit and talk. Who cares. There are always just a couple of folks who are appreciative of the Dan,or some of the other non run of the mill tunes we play,which is nice. Others would rather hear some garage band butcher Mony Mony or Mustang Sally for the 46,000th time. :rolleyes:

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My favorite album is Two Against Nature.


I can listen to enormous quantities of Two Against Nature without being sick.


I go back & forth between that one & Aja, but you asked me today, & today it's Two Against Nature.


PS Apologies for the obscurest Python reference ever.


PPS Walter Becker played on "Deacon Blues," and Chuck Rainey on all the other tracks. Oh, and rhythm section on the song "Two Against Nature" was Becker & Keith Carlock.

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