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Met Mark Zeger and Kendrix

Tom Capasso

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I was in Rochester, NY for my company's annual meeting/holiday party last weekend. Since Kendrix and Mark Zeger had extended me a welcome when I announced that I'd be in their neck of the woods sometimes, I contacted them. Both made themselves available for Saturday morning breakfast so we could meet. It turns out they both live in the same town, and the restaurant of choice (the Coal Tower Restaurant) was convenient for them. The place is a converted coal tower (duh) on the Erie Canal in a very nice quaint part of the world known as Pittsford.


We spent two hours yaking away. Ken and Mark are multi-instrumentalists - other than that (I'm not so multi), we have a lot in common. We all played instruments in school and switched over to non-concert band instruments while in school. And our kids carry on the tradition of band instruments. We talked about concerts, venues, our jobs, our kids, the forums, and so on. We're music geeks for sure - Ken noticed the fancy acoustic ceiling tiles, and we talked about home studio setup and famous instruments we've owned.


One aspect that was interesting was that Mark and Ken have a good understanding of the NYC life. Mark grew up a bit upstate, but is in NYC on business frequently. Ken grew up on Long Island. Both of them said that they value the area they live in for the ease and friendliness of life in slightly smaller towns. Admittedly the weather isn't great - this is by comparison to the NYC area. Kens' wife occassionally trots out the statement "I thought we'd only be here a few years", and it's not where I'd choose. But they have both made peace with it, and see advantages over places like Florida despite being in the Great Lakes snow belt.


It was such a nice time. Next time I'm up their we'll go to the House Of Guitars (there were ads on the local TV station). Thanks again to both Ken and Mark for making the time, and sorry I'm so late with the report :thu:




Acoustic Color


Be practical as well as generous in your ideals. Keep your eyes on the stars and keep your feet on the ground. - Theodore Roosevelt

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A splendid time was had by all.

I walked right by Tom at first- not knowing who he was. For some reason I was expecting a likeness of Teddy Roosevelt ;) .


This is my second get together with forumites from out of town. Its amazing how comfortable it feels yabbering with folks I've never met B4.

Music really does connect people.

Long live the forums.

Check out some tunes here:


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Advantages over Florida?!?? :eek:


Perhapse when you're all multimillionaires you can get winter homes down here and join the countless flocks of snowbirds that clutter our highways and make leisurely daily commutes a fantasy.


I've lived here almost all of my life but I'm about ready to move to Seattle or Boston as soon as I'm done with college.

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Sorry, I should've clarified that. I've grown up with the traffic so I'm used to it. I want to move to escape the weather and other problems that go with Florida's package deal. I know alot of people and family in the Seattle and Boston areas so I figure that one of those would be my best choice for trying something new right out of college.
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Originally posted by getz76:

If you want real traffic-hell, talk to Cappasso. What's the average speed on the LIE? 2mph?

Only in the day time.


At night, its about 80.

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