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Imported products...

The brazilian dude

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Did you ever wanted to buy some amp that wasn´t made in your country? Cause I´m with this problem now... I want to buy a cab but it´s not imported to Brazil. And the price to import will be VERY EXPENSIVE... Do you know any other way?


PS - Man, Brazil isn´t really a good place to find good bass rig... :(

Please, forgive my english, I don´t speak it very well
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My Acme Low-B2 cabs, QSC PLX 3002, Gator rack case, Fulltone BassDrive, Akai Deep Impact, Akai Unibass, EBS BassIQ, Pedalboard.com board/gigbag, ADL power supply and Ernie Ball Vol Jr were all imported from the USA. More hassle but worked out a lot cheaper because of the relatively weak dollar and more competitive pricing in the US.


One thing that really allays my GAS is the fact I wouldn't dare ship an instrument across the Atlantic but am unable justify the high price of buying locally.


I don't know how the Brazilian currency/economy situation compares to the UK one - I imagine it's very different - so it's down to you to work out what's best.


At the end of the day, my tone comes firstly from my hands, then my bass and as I DI for recordings the rig is just a way to monitor myself. If you can hear yourself and it sounds vaguely like what you want, then that's good enough!



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