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Not O/T For Steve Harris Fans

Mike Bear

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I have seen no ad's for this and many of my fellow hard core Iron Maiden fans didn't even know. It my obligation to let the world know.


Iron Maiden has released an "Early Years" 2 disc DVD set. It's got a 90min documentry about every band member from 1975 when Steve Harris put the band together, why they left, and so on. It also has an album by album account up until PEACE OF MIND.


For those of you who have seen the 12 Wasted Years home video. There's some teaser footage on there, where you get the whole thing in full here. It has the full show from the Hammersmith from the "Beast On The Road" tour which is just the best live Maiden I've seen since "Live After Death". It also has 2 other live shows. One from Dortmund "World Piece Tour", and "Live At The Rainbow" '81. Only Japanese release before. Last but not least "Live At The Ruskin Arms". I think this is even before the band got signed.


It's a very comprehensive set with a even more goodies than mentioned above. There will be a few more from what I know. Covering what eras, I have no clue. Have fun trying to understand Steve Harris when he gets interviewed


The best part is it's around $20 most places.



Mike Bear




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