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Who Would You Like To See In A Private Lesson Column?

Ed Friedland

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Originally posted by Mike Bear:

As a metal head, I nominate Steve DiGiorgio and his magical fretless.

Great call!! DiGiorgio was one of the greatest death metal bassists, as Murphy was on guitar. Example - DiGiorgio's solo on "Cosmic Sea" from Death's "Human" album is still just as cool today as first time I ever heard it.
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Ed, I understand what you need in terms of concrete explainable ideas. The thing is that you can make a column/lesson out of a fairly small but important idea. I was impressed by your series when you'd do 2 pages on a blues shuffle, etc. There was always a recognizable bit of music to get us started. It's hard for us to know whether our favorite bassist is articulate and cohesive. Of course we know about Jeremy and DBB (and yourself) from your time here.


Tony Levin has done some writing, so he'd be a good choice. I'm sure McCartney is less available, but I'd want his lesson to be about fitting the bass to the music (Beatles or otherwise). Will Lee played at BPLive by choking the strings with his fretting hand. I need to learn that. And any player with a good melodic sense would interest me (Johnson from his James Taylor work, Brian Minato from Sarah McLachlan, Tony Levin, Greg Lake). And TM Stevens, for how to have fun while groovin.


Too many more to suggest.




Acoustic Color


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Anthony Jackson would be a wonderful suggestion...I have a feeling he'd just go tell us to listen to James Jamerson, though. :D


I'd be interested to hear Tim Lefebvre talk about how he keeps things held down with Wayne Krantz (or Anthony talk about the same thing for that matter).

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Originally posted by RalphM:

I don't have a specific name in mind, but I'd want someone who has something to teach. In other words, not a 'name' player just because they're a 'name' player. The biggest names are not necessarily the best teachers.

Well, I know that one criteria is a name that is familiar. The larger population will not necessarily be interested in hearing from someone they've never heard of. They aren't all as enlightened as Lowdowners. The person doesn't have to be a teacher either, in fact, the point is that I'M supposed to make sense of their concepts and make it work for you guys.


Anyway, the first step is getting someone to call me back. This is a busy time of year, and I've had no luck so far. NAMM is a good prospect for hunting them down, but I'll only be there Sunday as I'm working that weekend and can't blow off making a living to cruise and shmooze for the hundreth time.... Maybe I'll see some bleary-eyed stragglers dragging across the floor on Sunday....


So, thanks for the input, many good suggestions, and ideas. I will have to focus on players that have a familiar name, they don't have to be "young and hip", but they do have to be recorded. (Not my decision, but it makes sense from a magazine standpoint).



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Re: contacting players...I'm syre you're quite experienced at this already but one thing that occurs to me is when trying to contact a particular individual analyze their career schedule. A player in efforts for any production, whether recording, touring or promotion would have less time than one in a freer period.

I bring this somewhat obvious point up because I really hope you try for McCartney (see my first post as to why) & if you catch him when he's not trying to sell a CD or modern symphony or something, success may be more likely.


& Thanks for giving us the chance to feed you suggestions!

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