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Spector temptation...


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Whilst picking up my G&L L-2500 I happened to pick up and start playing a new Spector Legend 4 string. WOW! What a schweeeet bass!


I was sorely tempted, but thought the better of bringing home more than one new bass at a time. :D


Anybody else tried these out or own one?




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Spector basses are great instruments.


You probably wouldn't have heard me say this a year ago, but with age comes enlightenment, or something like that, right?


Anyhow, I bought the euro 4 neckthru model and I love this bass just as much(almost) as I love my american fender jazz.


And a USA made Spector for a grand? I would gladly take that bass off your hands...but brother ask for a little more than that. A bass like that at that price is highway robbery.


Then again, you did say the FIRST grand gets it...

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I have a Spector Q6. The Legend replaced the Q series. I'm stoked on it. Feels very good. I might spurce up the electronics a bit though. Depends if I wanna use it for metal gigs or not. I was actually getting feedback at high volumes. I don't think I've experienced such a thing in years. It's actually mist first 35" instrument. They aren't too high end, but they sound and play well. I really wanted them to make a Euro 6. They did for a limited run recently, but they were way expensive. Not just the price of a Euro 5 + a string you know?


Bottom line, they are making a good bang for the buck. Of course if you read that article flash back from Bass Player. The one where the builders do a roundtable from '95. They talk about how much better the asian quality has been. Then again, I'm stoked on my Fender Geddy. That relates to the Made In Japan thread though I believe.

Mike Bear




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