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Kev Hopper (Bassist of Stump)


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I'm dying for all of you to hear the band Stump (1985-1988). They are from Ireland and have 1 of the most amazing Bassists Iv'e ever heard. I come from the school of Kev, Mick Karn, Les Claypool, Trevor Dunn, etc...


Everyone NEEDS to hear this guy


The albums are out of print, but if anyone posts their email, I'd be happy to send some stuff to them!!....Anyways, I'm mostly curious as to HOW he plays the way he does. I have been playing for 20 years now, and the technique he uses amazes me everytime I hear it....They are from England, and are kinda a punky,quirky Captain Beefheart, or a British Primus.......Let me know!!

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Thanks! I'm speechless... almost. I have a few ideas about how he gets that sound but none of them seems quite right - like Wooten/Claypool/Fieldy? dropped into an '80s Beefheart/MrBungle/Minutemen melée. Nuts!


Listening to it a second time - I think my brain is melting... :D


Originally posted by SpacedHaitian:

...They are from Ireland... ...They are from England...

Now then, make your mind up - you can only pick one. ;)



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Thanks for checking them out people!!.....

whether your into their sound or not, his playing

is still unmistakably something!!....


Still though, does anyone have any idea how he

does those fast trills you hear in the songs..(It's pretty much a signature on 90% of his songs)


I know he plays with his fingers, but it almost sounds like a drill or drumsticks on the strings!


Any ideas.....Anyone else want songs emailed to them, post me an email....!!


Thanks again....!!


chrisofdoom, I tried to email you songs, but I don't think you have the email memory..3 of them came back, but I think 1 made it through

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Okay...I'm going to make it easy for everyone who may be interested!!


In my GMAIL account, I posted 6 essential Stump songs there for download...


All I ask from you is that once you download a song, Mark it as "Unread" for the next person, then "logout" when your done please!!





Login- SpacedHaitian

Password- StumpStump


I reccomend everyone check it out..Killer Bassist!

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