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Eden, Mesa shootout. You're thougths


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So this weekend I got to play an Eden Metro and a Mesa MPulse combo.


Really dug them both. Tons of great power. Great sound. Think I like the Mesa a little more.


I can probably find an Eden a little cheaper.


Any thoughts out there?


Also, anyone have any of the other Eden combo's? They have a 4/10 combo and a couple others I've never seen anywhere other than in photos. The only Eden dealer in Austin doesn't carry anything like that.



cool poker stuff for bass players.


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Originally posted by homegamepoker:

Any thoughts out there?

Both good combos. But wouldn't you rather have a separate head and cab? It's not like combos that size are particularly portable, being as heavy as a 4x10" and barely any smaller. I'd also expect you to be able to get an equivalent (or identical) head and cab for less money as there's more choice out there. And probably get closer to your ideal sound by some careful mixing and matching.


If you're set on the combo thang, make sure that the one you buy has decent casters!



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Good points by C. Alex.


If you wanna do the combo thang, here's my advice.


If you liked the Mesa better and can afford it, even though it's more expensive than the Eden, go for it. If money really is an issue, go with the Eden. Both are nice combos (and neither is truly inexpensive), and it sounds like you liked each one well enough to buy and use it. Just prioritize your criteria: cost vs. your preference for sound, features, etc.






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