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changing the scratchplate on a Ric 4003


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I own a Rickenbacker 4003, which is a standard black finish with white scratchplate/pick guard.


I would really like to change the scratchplate to a black finish. Also, I would like an inverse version of the trussrod cover - so instead of the black 'Rickenbacker' logo against a white cover, I would like white logo against black.


I would ideally like to purchase these as seperate parts rather than modifying the existing parts - does anyone know if these parts are available? I live in London.


best regards,



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It's also quite standard.


Perhaps the thing to do is visit the Rickenbacker Registration Page . There is an amazing pool of knowledge & other resources there.


Finding a custom pickguard should be easy. Most aftermarket makers have Ric pickguards available for every model in any pattern or color you like. Nameplates? That's a different story. It could be a search.

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Originally posted by DJ-Wood:



Apparently, Rickenbacker themselves will not sell a new trussrod cover without trading in the old one, as it bears the 'Rickenbacker' logo and they are concerned about fraud!


This is quite annoying ...

They've been to court quite a few times about this problem. In that case, I don't blame them in asking for your old trussrod cover back. Remember, these guys don't have the wide reach of the Fenders and Gibsons, and therefore have higher stakes when involved in a fraud case. At least, I think that's the situation for Rickenbacker, anyhow.
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Hello again,


Thank you all very much, especially to those of you who PM'd me, I appreciate your help.


I managed to find someone very local to me who can supply the scratchplate, and I had an email from Rickenbacker suggesting that I contact their uk distributor re: the TRC - so hopefully, a gleaming all-black 4003 will soon be my reward!


Thanks again everyone :wave:

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