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BassQuake NAMM Summit

daniel elliott

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I tried to post in the NAMM thread, but ran into some kind of glitch so sorry about starting a new thread. The Bass gig will be Thursday Night at JT Schmid's. So far on the bill is David Dyson, Jan Olaf Strandberg and Mark White from the spin doctors. Not sure yet who else or how many will be added. I don't want it to go too late. Last year, several people left just before Adam Nitti's set which was a real shame because he was absolutely incredible. I'm trying to get him back again this year. Also last year, we tried to do a discussion panel in the middle which was big disaster. The theme this year is "Shut Up and Play"


the hard part is figuring out how many and how long their sets will be. Right now, I'm thinking 8pm to 10:50pm with 25 minute sets with 10 minute breaks in between. That would allow for 5 total. If we start at 7:30pm, then we could add one more and if a couple of the performers wanted to do 20 minute sets, we might be able to squeeze in two more. Any opinions or requests?

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