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What is... q.u.a.l.i.t.y. ????

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today's music comes out from the best gears, perfect consoles, perfect recorders, but.... 99% of the chart sounds bad. Question: Do our ear need to hear some imperfection to enjoy the music? YES! I like wow and flutter, i like far and unclear sounds, i like hiss, i like not-good-limited sounds, witch enter my stomach. We need unreal sound, a kind of magic, and all those imperfections make the music magic So, it is better a perfect music, but unpleasant or a pleasant music because is sounds like the immagination: dirty

:) Features Are Not An Opinion. :)

(John Hope, 2003)





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Att. Tua Sorella

Codice Mavapigliatelindomo

Pirla Chi Legge

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Quality: A set of user defined -or accepted- specifications on a product or service. Good Quality: When the product or service meets or exceeds expected requirements. So... what's good FOR YOU?

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