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Speaker Problems.....


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Today i just picked up an amp for around $100 Bucks AUS. Its really old, and from the outside looks pretty bad, but the amp is in really good condition. I suspect Yamaha haven't been producing it for about 15-20 years and i can't find anything on the internet about it. It's a great huge amp, and has this awesome all-tube sound. The only problem is that the speaker must have had a hole in it and the old owners (my skool) have repaired it and glued it up and stuff (sorta like this sillicon shit) anyway when i go above 6 on the volume, it starts to vibrate making thie brrrrrrrrrrrrrr buzzing sound, but when i rest my finger against it, its perfectly fine and doesn't make a buzz. Is their anything i can do, or will i have to get it reconed. Im a bit of a cheapy so any ideas would help heaps! thanx guys!

Parra :D:D

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He's talking about the speaker; I've done the same thing with buzzing speakers. Usually that indicates that the cone hasn't been entirely stabilized yet. On closer inspection you might find the surround (outer edge section that connects cone to frame) has separated from the cone. Sometimes it may only be a small slit but it WILL buzz. You need a surround glue or a contact cement with great rubbery flex with thin coating, yet plenty of strength to repair a surround. Usually it helps to go alll the way around on both sides with a very thin balancing coat.


Howver you could have a bent voice coil, misaligning the piston action. Then you might as well get a new speaker, considering the price of replacements these days are comparable to reconing costs and the specs usually end up being closer and the turnover time is usually faster.

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