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OT: spammer from Holly update

jeremy c

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I used one of my aol email addresses (which I never use) to write to our recent spammer, the singer who was supposed to be the next big thing.


No reply.


I also wrote the address listed for the publicist who supposedly is the actual person who spammed our list (and many other music lists). It bounced back....."invalid address".


This confirms my suscpicion that this alleged singer doesn't actually exist and the pictures of the model are actually pictures of a blow-up doll.


Moderators feel free to delete this thread at any time. :D

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Every time I see spamming on our forum I ask myself : what the ... are those people thinking? Is spamming an effective method of sales/promotion? Does it really work? Is there any positive results or outcomes of spamming?

I guess there is, cause they continue to do it... but still, do you know anybody who actually bought something as a direct result of that marketing tool?

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GB, I know that spammers always use fake addresses, but I actually put in an address to "receive the newsletter" and nothing came.


I also looked up the publicist's email. It wasn't in the spam message. It's a little strange that a publicist would not have a valid email address.


Some people say, "all publicity is good publicity" because it gets you to remember the person's name.


And some of us that see this creature's name again may be curious enough to see how bad she really is.


But we still won't buy her "product".

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That newsletter thing is pretty popular too. It's an easy way to gather more email addresses. Later those addresses could be getting "letters from Nigeria", plumbing and mammary enhancement offers, etc*



* and ads for likelike companions, of course

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