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Where to post gear For Sale?

Peter Lufrano

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I think the FAQ mentions that classifieds/for-sale threads are not allowed. Don't quote me, though, as I've never read the FAQ.


The moderators don't seem to mind if people put a discrete advert in their signatures. I guess it gives an incentive to post more.


Honestly, the best experiences I have had both buying and selling have been on ebay and bassgear.com.

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Dont take up a new post for selling stuff.


Its ok if you put it in your signature or something.

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if you're like me, you can sell it on ebay for about 2/3 of what you originally paid a few months ago. it's pretty standard procedure for me. of course, i'm a poor college student who would sell my mother to columbian drug lords if i needed cash to buy books.
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