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My Eden sponsorship


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actually i'm not sponsored by david eden, but i just went to their new site and was taken back to when i tried out an eden rig in my days of being in the market for a combo and i remembered how impressed i was.


How does one get sponsored?


I know jeremy c has a few sponsorships.


do you just call the company one day and say "hey, i'm an amazing bassist, send me some stuff" Does word just get out? Are there company reps who are out and about just looking for talent?


I was amazed to see the sheer number of people with sponsorships..eden has to have at least 60, the gk site had about 20 guys listed.


My drummer friend would send demo tapes to companies and stuff...i think he managed to get free heads from evans once.


Visiting the eden site also reminded me of the time that i turned down the offer to buy a used david eden wt800 that was selling for about $750 by some berklee guy who had just received a sponsorship. A bass player that i knew at berklee called me and told me about it. This was at the start of my research and i thought that $750 was kinda steep.


I was in ohio when the offer came through, and i was a complete idiot. :cry:




edit: if you are wondering what i got instead of the eden set up, you can always click on my homepage. <--cheap plug [is that what you would call it?] I'm still proud of my rig. Still think it sounds great.


Soli Deo Gloria


"it's the beauty of a community. it takes a village to raise a[n] [LLroomtempJ]." -robb


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Generally speaking, the only people who truly get free stuff in the endorsement/product game are those who need it the least.


I've done real well in the past as a beta tester and think tanker, which was a lot like the endorsement game is for all but the top Names.

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I don't think an endorsement deal equals free gear very often. Most of the time the endorsee gets to buy gear at a special price. At least that's how I got my big SWR rig. As I was a poor student at that time (now I'm just poor ;) ) it was real blessing to get my gear up to a level where I could concentrate on making music instead of spending time trying to hear my playing under the rest of the band...
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Most endorsements with people that I'm friends with were gotten because said person is constantly on tour, and it's good promotion for the company. Like, the drummer of my band has endorsement deals with ProMark and Evans. They give him stuff for free or at cost, and he just wears a t-shirt while he plays every once in a while. Oh, and he's extremely good.
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Thanks for mentioning me but I didn't get anything for free.


I am very active as a player, a teacher, and (as you all know) an internet poster so if I use some gear lots of people know about it and my choices may affect their purchases.


There is the "rock star endorser" level where people who don't really need free gear (as others have just stated) get gear which will be used on stages nationwide and worldwide.


And there is the "teacher endorser" level where someone has the ability to affect a reasonable number of people one on one can get occasionally get a discount on gear.


Most of the people whom I know who are endorsers of various things are not nationally known but they have the ability to affect other people's choices in instruments.


And sometimes a relatively small builder will like to work with a really gifted local player who essentially becomes a beta tester.

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The closest I have come to an endorser deal is by knowing the manager of the local Eden dealer. He happens to be a bass player himself, and I have had the good fortune of buying some of his Eden hand-me-downs from him at very good prices.


Hence the showroom condition Eden D210MBX I just bought for him for $300 USD. He had a pair of them as part of his own stage rig, and found that one was enough.


I believe he also has an Eden D410XLT. Hmmmm... wonder when he'll be moving that one along?!



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Jason, I just looked at your homepage and I see you are another drummer turned bassist, correct? Interesting...you are now the 3rd person I've met in the past month who plays bass and drums (the primary drummer in the church band is learning bass). I've always said that bass and drums are the same instrument...you just hold 'em differently... :freak:


Seriously, I chose to learn bass because I wanted to get better at composing songs (or at least riffs that could be put together in songs), and that's awefully hard to do without at lease some melody in there...it can't all be rhythm. Bass was the obvious choice, and the first few times I played my bass, my right hand was slapping and popping like I had done it forever. Left hand was a totally different story of course. Anyway, that was a big part of my motivation to learn bass. I think I made a good choice...bass players always seem to be in demand. Anyway, what was your motivation to take up bass?


I gather you started on a 5-string. I'd say most beginning players start on a 4-string (I certainly did). Why did you choose to start on a 5-string?


(If you'd rather continue this conversation in private, just send me a PM.)




Old bass players never die, they just buy lighter rigs.

- Tom Capasso, 11/9/2006


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Sponsorship is not about "what will the company do for me?", it is about what can you do for the company.


Sponsorships comes from the marketing budget. If you represent a company, that company needs to ask "how does their investment in you effect their bottom line." It really doesn't matter if you're a great player or what kind of chops you have. When someone calls MTD and asks to have a "535 with a high C like Mike Dimin's" then you know the relationship is working.


We can all name truly great players that don't have endorsement deals. There are companies who have "black lists" of players that they will not touch - not for their ability but for marketing reasons.


So if you want an endorsement - put together a packet and a plan. Truly think about what you can do for the company. answer this question, "Why should they spend their $ on you and not on an ad in BP or other form of marketing?"



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"Why should they spend their $ on you and not on an ad in BP or other form of marketing?"

Because everyone on this forum rocks and we all deserve free stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!



"Paranoid? Probably. But just because you're paranoid doesn't mean there isn't an invisible demon about to eat your face."

Harry Dresden, Storm Front

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I think that was supposed to be what passes for humor. Somewhere. What Mike says is right, but I wish he wouldn't tell any more people. It keeps getting tougher to get deals. Though I hope at some point companies will shine the whole thing on as a waste (other than Fender, who mortally requires it). That of course would require educated and intelligent buyers.
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