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Kim Deal


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Okay, SORRY for not searching through 10 god-damn pages of old topics just to see if there was something similar to what I wanted to say!!! Most of the topics on here are all rehashed anyways!!! "Look at my new bass", "Check out my new gear". It's all the same crap. SORRY for not looking at what is going on here every day, Greenboy!!!


I never realized that I would be burned for saying that I like a bassplayer. This IS a bassplaying forum, isn't it?? It sure seems like that to me. Everyone on here always say who their fav. bass player is. Jaco, Wooten, Bailey, Manring...WHOEVER!!! So as far I'm concerned you can go to hell buddy.

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Looks like the last thread was posted to ten days ago.


Really ancient history.


I was suprised to see a new thread on the topic.


The reply didn't look like a flame to me, so it doesn't appear that insults are called for.


And we do have something called Private Messages if you want to call someone names.


I don't really see how calling someone names on the internet serves any purpose whatsoever.


Next time someone does a search on your name, the post will pop up. It will be there forever.


As I tell the kids I teach, "this is going to go on your permanent record."

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And we do have something called Private Messages if you want to call someone names.
Thanks too much, J ; } - I aready got two from this person, who evidently doesn't believe as I do - that PMs are for sharing enthusiams or resolving misunderstandings. I deleted them after a quick scan. They were much the same as the out-in-public-air fare.
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Sorry about that, GB.


Back to the subject.


What about that Kim Deal? Isn't she great? Especially on that live bootleg cd, she really cuts loose.

;) Watch out, Victor.


What's your favorite Kim Deal riff?


How have you applied her technique to your own style?


Just a little off topic here, but I don't think in the last few years I have ever mentioned my favorite bassist.


Maybe because there isn't just one.


I have recommended the occasional not-so-well known person.

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sorry jeremy, I dont think thats gonna work. ;)
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