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Is this anything? (possible new product idea)


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We all know that if a bass amp has one 8 ohm cab plugged in, the unit will have less power available than if it had two 8 ohm cabs plugged in. Is there a product out there that simulates an 8 ohm load when plugged into your speaker out? Would it be as simple as sticking an 8 ohm resistor into a metal box and hooking it up to a 1/4 inch jack? I figure not, but I'm not really well schooled in electronics.


I personally would love a little box that would increase the power and dynamics of my amp. Is this anything, or am I just 'on the pipe'?



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Check out Accugroove. Mark has a product in his cabs that does this. I don't know how it works; it's a state secret ; }


In general products before have been lossy and no real advantage was gained for bass players. Also, it's relatively easy to buy enough light yet robust power these days, and cab combinations that leverage it well for various sized gigs.

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Two links for you.


speaker mate


Dummy load circuit diagram


The AccuGroove cabs with the 4/8 ohm switch have

three speakers and two horns and two crossovers.

There's a lot of possibilites in there for changing connections.


But Mark isn't telling me how he does it and I'm not asking him.


Otherwise, I'd have to give my AccuGroove T-shirt back.

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