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Gallien-Krueger cabs


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My set up currently is the

Behringer BX300T head and out of that i'm running the GK 410 SBX and the GK 115 SBX. The cabs are awesome (as is the head!)


Punch and lowend are all there. I seriously do not have one complaint.


I was running just the 410 SBX before I got the 115. I only use the 115 for gigs. Practicing I only use the GK 410SBX. We have 2 guitar players who run through Marshall head/cabs. They like it LOUD. Our drummer plays LOUD. The cab/set up I use has no problem at all blowing them away (no where near cranked up). No farts, no crackling - just awesomeness. I have been playing for about 8 years. I've had Fender, i've used Ampeg. The GK 410 SBX is a reliable cabinet and it does it's job well. I will most likely stick to the SBX cabinets for a LOOOOONG time. I love em. No complaints at all. They are durable as hell too.


We play rock'n'roll and the cabs keep up. On a rating of 1-10 i'm giving it a 9.8.... only reason it's not a 10 is because it weighs a sh-tload.


Really thought. It's a great cabinet. Goodluck.

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i like the features that come along with the cab. If you have a bi amped amplifier (like a gk1001) you can independently control your woofer and your tweeter.


I ended up not buying a gk cab b/c i liked the ashdown better and it was about $200 cheaper. I never really had issues with getting ugly sounds from a tweeter when using distortion (b/c i don't use distortion), and i felt that the ashdown's crossover circuitry was all that i would need.


my cab came out to $700, the gk cab runs for a little bit more than 9.




edit: Gk has 2 lines of cabs, one is much more expensive than the other. I always confuse the rbh and sbx, but either way imho i think that both products are 'quality' and i have no issues with either of them.


i put quality in quotations to say that when you get to a certain level of equipment, the choice becomes yours... in terms of what your preferences are and if you really care about having a 'flat' response etc etc.


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I must confess...


As much as I like their heads (I own a GK 1001RB) I really dislike, what I can only describe as, the cardboard box sound of their cabs. Very mid-rangey, with very little definition in the low end or upper mids to my ears.


I actually considered a GK 4x10 cab at one point, but bought an SWR Workingman's 4x10 instead, because it sounded better with the tweeter tunred off, than the GK cab did with the tweeter on or off.

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Not sure what 410 you were using that sounded like a cardboard box, but I can assure ya mine does not.


The GK Backline series I would probably stay away from. I've played thru one just at G.Center and I didn't like it very much. Very flat sounding - however, the SBX series cabs are great as well as the RBX. I intended on the RBX 410's but there was virtually no difference that I could tell between that and the SBX - so I saved myself some dough and bought the SBX. Gives great highs and good lows - A+

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The old GK cabs sounded like dog excrement, I agree. I hated them...they were all midrange without any low end punch to them at all.


The cabs they make now sound quite good. I borrowed a 1001RB combo once for a gig and loved the sound of GK's speakers. The tweeter was very sweet sounding, too.

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It's been two years since I tried the GK cabs (a 4x10 cab and a 2x10 combo), and as Benloy suggested, the 'doggie doo' characteristics sent me running.


The new offerings may have improved. I hope so, because I love the punchy high headroom characteristics of their heads.


The cabs really seemed like and after-thought product, compared to their heads a few years back.

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