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I have seached the forum for about a half hour now trying to find a post about the tonal qualities of materials used in bass/g****rs. I remember reading one where there was a link that had information about all the different parts of a guitar and the differences they made in the sound.


Does anybody know that link? I am helping a freind research properties of materials in guitars.


THanks in advance!

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I didn't clonk the lonks above, but I'm guessing the typical GOOGLE winners are rep'd there. I see Carvin updated their woods description area since last I looked.


This is one of those topics you will hear much craziness about, as well as some hard-won earfuls. Also important to builders is how the wood acts when it is worked, glued, etc.

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Hmmm, it seems to me that GraphTech and Hipshot have both talked about metal properties. Graphtech has done studies that show why their NON-metal bridgepieces/barrels filter the tone less - and thus tend to sustain better... and Hipshot because they selel both aluminum and brass bridges.
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I can't address metal properties. Ken Smith and Mike Tobias have info on their site.


Click this link for Tobias


Click here for Ken Smith Note the Wood pages and the factory tour.




Acoustic Color


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