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It's a baby! (not in a good way)


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Today, I am extremely frustrated. No, nothing to do with my main originals band, but with the infamous "Rock Homeroom."


Today, we had our second "rehearsal." Many people (about 12-15) were already gathered around to watch us. This was our first time with a guitarist. I called out "Lets Get Retarded" by the Black Eyed Peas (cool beat, stupid lyrics). All went well. Then I called out some other tunes, and the boiling pot burnt my hand.


The drummer didn't have an idea on what to do and the guitarist who told me that he knew some of the tunes I called beforehand, didn't play along. Eventually without any beat going, the crowd booted the drummer, Chris from jazz ensemble, off the throne. He didn't fight; he just went right down.


In fact, he left only to return 5 minutes before the end to tell the random scrub on the drums to put them away. The guitarist, Danny also from jazz ensemble, just didn't know how to put a foot in the door and ride it.


So now, I'm left with a terrible jam session in my mouth and a little prompt. How can I get this to work?


I can't get a new drummer. The drummer plays with me during jazz ensemble, so I figure it'll be worth the effort to help him improve. My first action is to "fire" the guitarist. This way, I won't be feeling conscious about going over part after part and boring Danny. I hate to feel obligated. I thought the drummer Chris was at a much higher level than he actually is. One of the random scrubs played better (and played around more) even though he reportedly doesn't "actually play drums."


This means, to me that I'm going to have to threw the riffs in front of him, make sure he has a grasp, and let him think of a beat. I don't think he's confident enough to improv a beat on the fly. My ultimate goal is for him to be able to do this.


After all is said and done, I think I might have officially raised my second drummer (I got my originals band's drummer about 3 weeks into his playing career).


Does this sound like a good idea? I play with this guy once a week for jazz ensemble, so I honestly think that if I can make him a better drummer, it'll come back like karma. Any particularily good ideas I should consider?


Thanks guys.

In Skynyrd We Trust
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Originally posted by Da LadY In Tha Pink Dress:

... Today, we had our second "rehearsal." Many people (about 12-15) were already gathered around to watch us. This was our first time with a guitarist...

This is where it went wrong. Just trying to help you out here, cutting to the chase, no offense intended or implied:


1. Rehearsals need to be closed, not open even to significant others. otherwise, you're performing, not rehearsing.


2. 12-15 people is a gig, so whoever was "performing" wasn't working on the music. I'm just as guilty of performing at rehearsals as anyone else... "all it takes is a pretty face to lose your place in the race".


3. first time with a guitarist? yes, it was a jam, so it really wasn't a rehearsal. if the guitarist didn't know the material, then he didn't practice (never confuse practice with a rehearsal) so he wasn't ready for a rehearsal. he might have been "performing" for you and the audience to nail a spot in the band.


bottom line: you should've had a rehearsal before holding a gig. and if it was a jam, then it should've been fun no matter what happened, and it seems that no one had much fun there. You can take it from here.


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Thanks for the advice. I also think that the small "audience" was very suspect to the screw-up.


The thing that peeves me particularily is the drummer attitude. Anything in 4/4 would've worked. Last "rehearsal," we (me and drummer) played with a bunch of guys on snare AND in front of a small group of people (about same size), though they gathered after we'd already worked on some stuff.


I can give the guy some slack for being nervous, but for just leaving like he did that's outta line.


Jeremy, the jazz ensemble teacher has trusted me and this other guy (and whoever else joins) to go during homeroom to work on some rock snippets for the basketball pep band gig we're doing later. I don't see how we could use a teacher's supervision to vastly improve things. I personally think that with the right work ethnic, we can do it by ourselves.


I will add though, it'd be nice to get a "REAL" rehearsal space for this. Right now, we're playing outside in like 60 degree weather. I hope we can find an amends to that.


Does anyone have any ideas on how to work WITH the drummer? Like, get him playing on a better level?



In Skynyrd We Trust
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