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Appreciating quality musicianship


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Well I got me a ticket to see Incubus last night. I really enjoyed the morning view sessions and thought why not.


Great move. These guys, every last one of them, are top quality players, well practiced and very talented. They were flawless. There were points where I was mezmerized.


I'm not sure of the new bassists name but he was pivotal in their sound. He could play. It was inspirational.


I didn't like every song they played, but they played them so well, so pristine, that you just had to pay attention.


Part of the show was a rythm section, where they brought a small kit out for the bassist, the singer had some bongos infront of the drummer, and the 3 of them played. Awsome, worth the price of admission right there.


Great show, maybe your not the biggest fan, but there is something to be said for quality and professionalism and these boys have it in spades.

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