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Fender necks - set me straight


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can anyone tell me the main differences between the fender precision and jazz bass's besides pickups? ive heard that one is slightly thicker or wider than the other, some say the precision but then ive heard it about the jazz bass too. which is it?
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I think Jazz bass necks are a little thinner (from the back of the neck to the fingerboard) and P-Bass necks are a bit more chunkier or more like an upright.


then again, I don't play either... :D

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For the classic argument, I think the P was about 1/4" or less wider than the J. If it makes or breaks you, play ukelele, instead. :D


I never found it to be a big deal. Besides, if 1/4" makes it a big deal, you'll never be able to play a 5 string.


There is also the shape that's a bit different, but that isn't any big deal either.

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Welcome to the Lowdown.


You've got a very easy question.

So easy that I don't know why I'm bothering to answer it.


Go to a music store and look.


A jazz bass's neck is narrower at the nut than a precision's. But Fender basses vary widely in neck size and shape.


The body shape is less symmetrical.


There are two single coil pickups and three dials.

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Originally posted by septa:

thanks for the info, those who helped. those who gave a hard time about it, i apoligize for wasting your time with a "stupid question"

There are no stupid questions, just my stupid answers. All jazz necks are 1 1/2 inches across the nut. Pbasses are about 1.625 to 1.75 across. Both have had different profiles or "shapes" over the years called A, B, C, D, etc. Both are designed to go to the same standard fender bridge size. In general, Pbasses are on the big end of the 4 string spectum and Jazz basses are on the small end. The Geddy Lee jazz has the smallest Jbass neck available.

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Originally posted by jeremyc lugosi:

So easy that I don't know why I'm bothering to answer it.

Then why did you? Perhaps no answer is better than a sour answer. No offense intended, but this just doesn't seem like a very warm welcome to a newcomer...




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dear septa:

first of all, welcome to the forum!!!!!

second of all, never, ever apologize for a question, even if it could be answered with the search function. some folks do get tired of certain questions, and some are just friggin' cranky...mebbe they need fiber... ;)

third of all...may i infer from yer name that you possibly play a seven string? or is it just because yer an ear, nose and throat doctor that has seen too many deviated septa?

inquiring minds gotta know...

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