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Need Advice For A New Bass Amp

Hey Im Matt

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What's up fellow bass players. I need some help.


I'm trying to find a new amp setup (want to spend about $700-ish). I will be using it for venues as small as house parties and as big as a large bar. As such, I need some sort of an intermediate setup. Here's what I think I've narrowed it down to so far:


1) A 4x10" or 2x12" speaker setup for the cabinet. What are the main differences between the 2 and any suggestions as to which brands and/or models are good? I use a variety of sounds/techniques such as regular plucking, tapping, slapping, and rarely a pick. I want a good punchy bass sound, but also want some warm tones and want some good slap, click and pop sounds.

2) Some sort of a head. I've done some research and have heard really good things about the Behringer BX3000T (300 watts for $230). Any input on this model or any other brands/models? Don't really know what other questions to ask concerning the head so feel free to input anything.


Thanks in advance for the advice. I REALLY appreciate it. There's nothing better than advice from peers.



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Hey, I'm Ted, Matt...nice to meet you.


I'm not a "real" bass player, but I play a lot of bass, and it's increasing.


I won't pretend to be the best source of info, but, I'd consider...


1) What sort of music do you play?


2) Do you want to be lugging around something huge like an SVT, or will something smaller get the job done? (Oh...you said $700...never mind).


3) What is your vehicle like? Do you want something you can toss in a trunk, or a larger vehicle?


4) Combo or head/cab?


5) What sort of bass do you have? Something with a lot of high end like a Ric? Something mellower?


Those questions answered...I'd listen to a lot of bands that play the sort of stuff you play, and talk to the bass players. Are they happy with their rig?


Then, go to Ye Olde Music Shoppe and plug in to a few. Of course, it won't sound the same in the store as it will in the club, and it won't sound the same in a club as it will in a living room.


Now, I'll shut up and let someone more qualified yammer for a bit...

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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Don't order from a catalog unless they have a good return policy. Play the amp first to see if you even halfway like the tone. If you find one you like, figure out what you like about it then move to the next one. Make darn sure you like that other one better. Then, play a different amp. Then play yet a different amp.


What sounds good to some may sound like a wet fart to others. I used to be so in love with SWR Redheads. Now, you couldn't give me one and expect me to keep it more than it takes me to put an ad on the internet. Opinions vary. Find your own.


Remember, search is your friend.

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You say you will be playing some large bars, and since many large bars don't always have ideal PA support, I would recommend a 4x10 cab and a head with at least 500 watts.


I have an SWR Workingman's 4x10 cab and a GK1001RB 540 watt head as my main workhorse rig for bars. Volume and dynamics are never an issue. Both the cab and head are very reliable, and can both be found used for very low prices if you look hard enough.

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I have to agree with ChrisofDoom onthe SWR RedHead - since money is an issue you can't afford to have expensive ears.

unless, of course, you go build a home-made cab and go out and buy a nice head.

I've played through Berenger heads, one model in particular I forget the nameof, but it was around 350 watts RMS@ 4 ohms. Anyway this Berenger set-up is at my rehearsal studio, with an ampeg 1x15 cab thats about 9 yrs old. I think it sounds ok but too much low end with that 1x15. If there were a 2x10 cab in there somewhere it would probably sound awesome. But as far as reliability and such I don't know how good Berenger is. All I know is the amp always turns on and never gives me problems once a week, and other bands come in and play on it, too. And I abuse the thing when I'm there.

WHy don't you buy my vintage Fender Bassman 100? Silverface head and cab, real vintage looks and all-tube tone! Hehe nah that wouldn't be any good for you. That thing has been sitting in my closet for some time...

"The world will still be turning when you've gone." - Black Sabbath


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Used Peavey 4x10 TX and this head:





Yorkville XS400H 400W Bass Head




400W output

Preamp with a 12AX7A tube to fatten your sound Parallel tube overdrive circuit

Wet/Dry balance control

Switchable limiter and compressor have user-definable threshold control

Improved 5-band equalizer has semi-parametric mid with user-definable frequency

Continuously-variable Scoop control

Front panel Wet/Dry control for effects return

Footswitchable tube overdrive

Footswitchable effects return

Tuner mute switch

Pre/post selectable tube DI output

Speakon and 1/4" extension cab outputs


should put you close to the price you want.

You can stop now -jeremyc

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I'd advise an Avatar 2x12 or a 4x10 as they're cheap and quite decent speakers (I've only heard good things about those models).


For a head? Try the used section. Might be able to find a cheap GK 800 cheap.



In Skynyrd We Trust
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I love my Carvin stuff. I currently run a couple of 2x10s and a 4x10 into an RL600. It runs great in rehearsal situations. I'll be testing it out Saturday in a live situation. I like the 2x10's better than the 4x10 because they're a lot easier to transport. As far as sound is concerned, there really isn't a difference.
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Once again. You can get a million recommendations, but chances are that you are best off visiting as many music stores and playing new and used stuff and figuring out what you really want.


didn't catch where you are from to see if you live in gear city or boondockville, but shopping around is your best bet. Buying blindly off of ebay could be a gamble esp if you don't know exactly what you are buying (functionality of the new/used item) and who you are buying from. (shipping is so expensive...if you get a defective amp or cab x from person y, you'll be out at least $150 alone on shipping by the end of your transaction)


This gear is an investment in your happiness and your career as a bass player. Don't settle if you don't have to.




Soli Deo Gloria


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I have a general rule about equipment, which applies to my car: find a good mechanic, and stick with him/her. A good repair technician is worth the money when your pet hardware breaks down a week before your next gig, and a long-term business relationship puts you on the right career track.


Of course, if you buy new equipment (and a good warranty is important) make sure the dealer is backed up by a reputable, local repair person.

If they're willing to exchange/replace hardware, that's good too, but make sure you're not stuck without an amp or cabinet for 4-6 weeks in the interim.


Buying something because it's cheaper and sounds "almost as good" may save you in the short term, but it will limit you in the long term. A lot of players here will agree that quality equipment inspires them to play better. And if you need to take a loan for that, make sure you're ready and able to pay that back on time. I think I've grown a bit from the experience of paying for what I own, even on credit. Don't let credit put you into a hole.


Good luck with your next purchase! :wave:

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Well, you seem to be in the same boat i was in a few weeks ago. I did a lot of researching and endless hours playing in my local Guitar Center. My budget $750.00...

This is what I ended up with, and my opinions after about 1 month/5 gigs:


Behringer BX3000T (300 watts/4 OHMS)--

Ridiculously low price, ridiculously awesome amp. No over heating, lots of punch. It has balls! The meter is a nice touch too.


Gallien-Krueger 410SBX--

400 watts/8 OHMS. No rattle, sturdy as a shit brick house, sounds awesome. Clean poppy bass.


Total it costed $805.00. I opted to by the $25.00 warranty from Guitar Center just on the head as I was unsure how it would fair - better safe than sorry.


In short, I'm totally happy at my set up and happy about the price. I intend to purchase the Gallien-Krueger 115SBX to finish off the low end. You can get that first instead of the 410sbx... but I don't recommend it.


Stay away from the Gallien-Krueger Backline. I personally didn't like it. Good luck, Hope I helped!

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