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OT: Christopher Reeve


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very sad... goes to show nobody is immune to life's surprises- he WAS a fighter, i pray he is whole again and in the presence of the Lord

Praise ye the LORD.

....praise him with stringed instruments and organs...

Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD.

excerpt from- Psalm 150

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for His glory

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Too bad. He never did give up. :(

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I'm mad that some website already found a way to make fun of the situation by pointing out that kerry would do some flip flopping on his promise that christopher reeve would get out of his wheelchair and walk due to stem cell research.


Stuff like that hurts. How can people be so heartless? He's a human being with friends and family.




Soli Deo Gloria


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This man has done more good for people in such a selfless manner than anybody else in recent years. With all the bullshit going on overseas and even here in our own towns he was beacon of light, using his celebrity status for something usefull instead of self serving like most other celebrities.


within 2 weeks of his injury he more than doubled funding for spinal chord research, and his public life of living with the disability opend the door for public knowledge and inspired many thousands of disabled people and re newed their hope.


God Bless.

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Originally posted by Edendude:

Too bad he could not have lived to see GWB get thrown out of the White House. Reeves was pretty pissed about Bush's stance on stem cell research, from what I understand.

Someone will make his death a political football.


In fact, it's already happened.


John Edwards said "Put John Kerry in the White House and people like Chris Reeve will walk."


Pretty strong assertion, that.

"Let's raise the level of this conversation" -- Jeremy Cohen, in the Picasso Thread.


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That's a bit over the top for sure, but there's also no secret about how Reeves felt about stem cell research, and where Bush stands on the issue. That was true before Reeves past on, and it is now.


But maybe Reeve's death at this time will be less of a tragedy, if it helps bring about some real political change.


Reeves certainly felt the politics surrounding this issue was important enough. For anyone to claim his death is being used simply for political gain, when Reeves himself was very political about the stem cell research issue, could also be seen as disrespectful. Allow the man's convictions to live on and help bring about positive change in his name, I would suggest.

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I had the great pleasure of meeting him twice at the 2004 US Open. He was a kind and gentle soul and travelled with a very nice group of people.

We had to make special arrangements for him and he was very thankful...

RIP ...



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there's also no secret about how Reeves felt about stem cell research, and where Bush stands on the issue.
BIG can of worms here. In this can are political and religious issues. Was Reeves' injury gods will? Was it a challenge from God? If he could be cured by technology would THAT be the will of God or would it be going against his plan for Christopher Reeves? Different forum IMO.

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Even though I grew up with George Reeves as "Superman", I will always believe Chris was the best Superman. (not was) He took his karma into a place where most of us would've just wailed or ranted at the world, fought and struggled to get back into the limelight and led a campaign for enhanced stem-cell research that dared to challenge the current "PC" belief system.


I'll say it again: Chris Reeves will always BE Superman to me. I'm going to cry the next time he makes another guest appearance with Tom Welling on "Smallville".

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