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Sally George, I've gotta lightbulb!


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Check this out, for Civics I need to get something like 12 service hours (3 years ago my brother needed 40... hehe). So... I've pondered and pondered on what I'm gonna do to get all of those service hours over with...


Then at church, I gotta lightbulb.


My mom works with seniors in some kind of nursing home or whatnot.


What if I got together a small band and play a couple of jazz standards for 'em???


Great idea, ehh?


I asked my guitarist about it (yes, the one that finally bought new guitar strings), he said "Sure." Now I need some more people. I've pretty much decided I want a pianist (got a good one in need of service hours in jazz ensemble), some kind of horn (looking for a trumpet), and a drummer (possibly my main band's drummer, though because of scheduling it might be some random friend of mine).


I think I'll get a couple of jazz standard charts, make copies, meet everyone for like a 2 hour practice, then show up and play for like 45 minutes, which including set-up and stuff will hopefully be about 2 hours of service.


My mom added that there's a couple homes we'd be able to play at to get more hours.


I totally think that I'm on to something! Who's with me!?!


P.S. yeah, I wonder how I got that Sally George thing too... I'll just keep it.

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I think it's a good idea - Living here in S.FLA, I know a lot of Senior Homes that would get a great lift from hearing good live music.


One tip: Learn and practice those songs well, and learn as many as you can - even if it's only you that has learned them. They'll get under your skin and you'll have more fun playing them than you can imagine... classic bass parts that still sound great. A wonderful learning experience.


...oh - I'd vote for a sax player in place of trumpet. Just my preference...not that I don't like trumpet!!




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:thu: Thats a great idea.... twice a month, several of us from church go to nursing homes and play for the residents. We'll play old gospel standards, old jazz standards, 50's be-bop, and try to take requests. Its a wonderful feeling to bring a couple of hours of enjoyment to these elderly people who most of the time don't have much of a life. It really makes them happy, and is really rewarding.


Watch out though... you may get to enjoying it so much you'll keep on doing it.... even after completing your 12 service hours. ;)


Rock on....



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that two hours of practice should count also.


That is part of getting ready for the gig/community service.


If they say no, just punch em in the face. :D


but not really. :P

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Ohhh! I probably should've asked this too.


What standards would be good? Easy ones preferably, but I would prefer a little spice thrown in. I've already go "Blue Bossa" and a simple 12 bar blues deal in my sights, but what else?


Tommorow, I get to go recruiting! Yippee!!!

In Skynyrd We Trust
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I used to do that for fun. I had group that I played jazz with every week for a couple hours, so several times a month we would show up at retirement homes and play for a couple hours. It was very cool because a couple of the band members were of the same age as many of the residents. :D

They all really loved it and we did, too. It is a great to thing whether you have to or not and you might just get a lot out of it as well. Good luck and let us know how it goes. :thu:

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I stole this list from another thread, but it's a pretty good start:


1)All of Me

2)Autumn Leaves

3)Black Orpheus

4)So What

5)Take Five

6)It Dont Mean a thing (if it aint got that swing)

7)Take the A train

8)Satin Doll

9)I Got Rhythm

10)All the things you are


12)The Girl form Ipanema

13)In a sentimental Mood

14)How Deep is the Ocean

15)My Favorite things

16)How high the moon


18)These foolish things

19)All Blues


21)Fly me To the Moon

22)500 miles high

23)A fine romance

24)A night in Tunisia

25)As time goes by

26)Blue bossa

27)In the mood

28)Prelude to a kiss

29)Bye bye blackbird

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When I was 18 I played in church. One of the priests in the church played banjo, and grabbed me and the guitar player to join him. We did about one nursing home a month - instead of jazz stds it was much older music ("gay 90s" when gay meant happy and "90s" was the 1890s). Tunes like "Hello My Baby", Tea For Two, Four Leaf Clover, etc. It was a good experience, and I learned both music and about another side of life.


sounds really cool!



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