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OT: Standard tuning for a ukelele?


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Hey folks:


My 2 yr old daughter :idea: I saw them before she did, but it didn't take long..."Loooook...guitawa! Want it! Want it!". So, needless to say, we came home with a kid's ukelele. ;) It's even four-strings...pre-bass training? :thu:


Anyway, does anyone know what the correct tuning on a ukelele is? I don't know if this is correct, but the top string is thin, the two middle are thicker, and the bottom string is thin. It seems to be some strange tuning based on major 3rd's...assuming it's not completely off?




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Yeah, GCEA, and not in consecutive order, unlike most instruments. Weird like a 5-string banjo, sorta. I ended up mandolin-tuning a uke to deal with it better. Not as good for performing UKE music when it's that way, but much better at doing music in general.
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Yep, the intervals on a uke are the same as the treble strings of a guitar (strings 1-4) even though the fourth string is an octave up.


This means that guitar chords work on the uke, if you can use the bottom chords. Really useful to someone who will someday play guitar.

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Depending on the Ukelele they can be tuned differently. The tuning everyone has given you is for a tenor. I know baritones are tuned diffently, and I'm not sure on soprano, which is probably what you have. They are the most common. You should do a web search just to be certain. Have fun Ukes rule. :thu:

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