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Beautiful Dream (B Wilson's Smile)


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So I just finished watching "Beautiful Dream" on Showtime. It's a documentary about the making of "Smile". A few observations:


-Carol Kaye is in it for twenty seconds. I could never reconcile pictures of her with her incredible playing. But now I can. She just talks and is funky.


-I want to take out a contract on Mike Love.


-Brian Wilson is definitely (not that anyone was disputing this) one of rock/pop music's greatest composers. His combination of musical genius and deep emotional/mental problems is probably the closest thing to Mozart or Beethoven that we'll ever experience.


-His band is fascinating. They are a really odd bunch. I think the only thing they have in common with each other is their absolute devotion to Brian Wilson. But it's not like creepy cultish behavior...on the contrary, they spend a lot of time just managing his moods and insecurities. One should be so lucky as to have a band like that.


-Having been born in 67, it's nice to see a concise yet relatively comprehensive history of this mythical album.


It's on Showtime...check it out.

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Originally posted by musicalhair:

Did any of you guys get the album? I don't get Showtime, but I bought Smile about a week ago and I'm knocked out by it.

i just bought the album saturday...i like it; it's like a barbershop quartet on acid.
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That is a good way of putting it!


There are a couple of sounds that really knock me out like the guitar/bass sound at the begining of "The Child is the Father of the Man". That whole section is amazing from "Wonderful" through "Surf's Up". "Woodchimes" is also very cool. I really love the album. I'm a bit disappointed more people here aren't hip to it.

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I'm floored by this album. The song "Mrs. O'Leary's Cow," is incredible. Brian actually wrote it with the idea of using the music to simulate a fire and I'll be darned if it doesn't do just that. I've had it in my CD player over the last two weeks (the only place I can try to sing those kind of falsettos with the utmost confidence :) ) and really enjoy trying to figure out what instruments/effects he's using, along with the awesome vocal harmonies. I found the Showtime show very moving as Brian uses the completion of the album and subsquent tour as his personal exercisim of past demons.
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I just bought this album a day or two ago...


My lord.


I haven't experienced something like this in a new album since...well...ever. I suppose it's not ALL new, but this is the first time that I can think of that I've been so enamoured with something musically that wasn't at least somewhat older, usually much older than I. Brian is tapped into something at the heart of what MADE pop music in the last 50 years like very few others, but in a way that is unique. He has a definite style that can go anywhere it wants, and still be undeniably HIM. I mean, you can't miss those vocal harmonies!


I'm going to listen to this MANY more times, no doubt. Each time I hear it, my appreciation goes up, and that's a wonderful feeling to have when listening to an album.


I've always LOVED the Beach Boys, and their music played a rather important role in my childhood, even though it came out long before I was born. This music is certainly a new experience, yet it is also a little nostalgic for me.


After I got it, I started looking around the net and reading reviews and interviews and things like that. I knew next to nothing about the album prior, and I had no idea about the history, except that Brian was the genius behind the Beach boys, he played bass, and the vague idea that he had a breakdown, and (of course) the song "Brian Wilson" by BNL. It's even more interesting/incredible now that I know a bit more about it. I've never really heard the term "composer" applied to a "pop" musician before. However, I think that the term is totally applicable to Brian.


I'm even digging the new version of Good Vibrations, a song I already couldn't love more.


Summation: Wow

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Brian Wilson & his band toured the U.K and Ireland last winter, the reviews wereclose to idol worship!


Funny with his history how he's the last original BB standing!

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Since I was old enough to understand music on any level, I've been fascinated by "Smile" and the whole story behind it. I collected a bunch of fan-edit tapes of what they thought it was supposed to be, etc. Downloaded and bought all the session recordings from the 60s. You know, everything that all of the BW-Heads did.


I heard a while back that he was in the process of recording it. I didn't believe the guy who told me, and of course, a week later, it started showing up on music news sites. My eyes stayed wide open for like 2 days straight.


When it came out, I was on tour. We were in Eldon, Missouri, and the first thing I did upon waking up was locate the nearest Best Buy and pick up my copy. We were going to take out a boat and a few jetskis that day at our friend's marina, so I didn't put it in the van's CD player, but figured we could save it for the boat and all dig on it together.


Well, we get on the boat, which has a killer stereo, and I put the CD on the dash. We start to pull away, and the biggest gust of wind I've ever felt comes by and blows "Smile" into the water.


It was like I wasn't supposed to hear it. Hah.


Regardless, I got it the next day in some other state, and we listened to it for like 3 days straight, unsure of what we thought about it. Finally, after like 10 listens, I realized that the entire time I hadn't been able to form an opinion on it because it blew me away so much. I was completely floored. Many people have commented that it's not as cohesive as it should be, but I completely disagree. I think it comes together as an album really really well. It's just a shame that Brian's voice is in the shape that its in.

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Hey everyone. I bought "Smile" a couple of days ago. After listening to the album through a few times, I'm ready to give my humble opinion. It's a good album, but not up to par with "Pet Sounds". The reason that I'm making this comparison, is that I read somewhere that this was supposed to blow "Pet Sounds" out of the water.


I feel that the songs can't compare. "God Only Knows", "Sloop John B", and a couple other tunes far exceed anything heard on "Smile". The only exception is "Good Vibrations", however Brian Wilson wrote that song decades ago.


I definitely think that Brian Wilson is absolutely fantastic. I mean who can hear five part harmonies like those heard on "Smile". The album is a breath of fresh air, compared to other pop music today.

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Originally posted by greenboy:

BumpC. Dig it. I'd get more excited about another guy like Percy Jones and another band like Brand X releasing something ; }

Word. I was listening to Brand X just the other day. That Phil Collins guy sure could play those drum things back in the day.
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