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Neck Repair?


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I have this rogue acoustic guitar that I got for 50 bucks from musician's friend. I like it; it's fun to write on. It must have fallen off of its stand and took some finish off of the neck around the 7th fret. The first layer is gone and now there is this nickel sized rough spot. Since it is just a cheap-o guitar, I have nothing lose by trying to fix it myself...


Problem is- I don't know how. I'm sure some of you have done some neck repairs. Any help would be appreciated.


ps- If i do it right, I might try repairing some nicks on my fender jazz (my baby).

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Yep, or you could sand the finish off and rub the neck with mineral oil. Nice feel, that.


If you do refinish, remember there are several, incompatible finishes. Lacquer, Polyurethane, etc. Wouldn't hurt to find an out of the way spot and do a test of finish compatibility (like under the truss rod cover.) Just lay a coat over what's there, and see if it blends in.


I'd go with a spray can, tape everything off, sand the edges smooth with the steel wool, and do this: Spray a coat, dry 24 hours, buff with steel wool and repeat until the spot is leveled.


Good luck.

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