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Opportunity Knocks!!!


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Our local TV station does a segment on the six o'clock news to help promote and support local bands, artists, and theatre groups each week.


Just got the call for our band to do a live off the floor session at The G-Spot this afternoon, to be aired on the six o'clock news tonight.



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(Beavis and Butthead voice)...


"G-spot...heh heh heheheh"


That's cool that your local TV is doing something about live local music!


You're from Canada. Figures. The local stations here in the States (most of 'em, anyway) would never do something that cool.

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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Local TV in the states is really not that supportive of local artists?! Bummer!


Just got back from the session. Went well. They shot us doing the same song three times, so they could get all kinds of different camera angles and shit. Naturally we did an original tune. One which will be on the new CD.


I might have a digitized version of the clip online within a few days.


Gotta say...


That was fun.



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When I was living in Seattle I and a couple of bands I was involved with were on local cable. (Also was involved in the video end there for awhile - Amigas which I sold and consulted about were the first desktop video computer and were popular at cable stations). Such public access cable is not really big coverage ; } - but in an urban area on a favored cult show it can translate into some more people at gigs or more sales; it all adds up.
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Around here the best way to get media exposure is to do a charity event, and let the media, all the media, know how great an event it is, and what a great cause it is for, and cross your fingers, and you might get mentioned and shown.

Wow, was that a long sentence!

"Start listening to music!".

-Jeremy C

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Speaking of charity events...


Someone else's charity event actually worked against us today. They aired our piece on the six o'clock news as promised, but it was edited to about one third the length they had intended, because they wanted to squeeze in a promo about a show being done for charity.




I guess beggars can't be choosers. It was free publicity and very professionally done.


I'll still try to get the clip up and online so you guys can have a look. Just gotta figure out how to compress it a little and find a pal who will let me load it onto a server.

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