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UH-OH - Recently opened Ebay account just recieved First Item ever Purchased...

Rick Hoffman

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Hey 'Downers. I just bought a BigMuff, hardly used, still in wooden box. Not sure how old, its black with yellow markings for volume, sustain, and tone. Made in Russia? Wow I never knew that.

So, I went in unprepared for this purchase except for knowing that I absolutely wanted one, no matter what. I paid around 55 dollars incl. shipping.

Well, I was so excited when I got it I hooked it up wrong, I plugged it in with my Vox Wah pedal and I put the pedal before the BigMuff( instrument-wah-bigmuff-amp) and at first I thought things were seriously wrong with the muff. I EQ'd everything flat and I was messing with this thing, adjusting sustain, tone...but something was still wrong couldn't quite tell what it was until I tried the wah - no range at all whatsoever I would go from full bass to full treble and it seemed like the wah didn't want to work. And now I finally figured out after playing for a little bit that my tone sounded like crap. Maybe I just didn't want to accept that right away.

So, I had an idea :idea: after looking at he pedals, I thought the way it should probably go is the big muff before the wah in the chain. So I tried that. And things improved dramatically. The wah had full range and suonded incredible. The muff makes for some great bass distortion, but one of my idols, Cliff Burton, could have told ya that. Thats partly the reason why I bought this thing, partly for tribute, emulation, and respect.

Is emulation a word? Well anyway I'm very happy I bought this thing and I'm also happy it didn't disappear off my front patio while I was at work. :thu:

I am waiting for 2 more items...a vintage Morley wah/volume pedal and a BadAssII bridge.


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Congrats on losing your eBay virginity. Make sure you read up on the online stuff about eBay fraud, it'll protect you when the inevitable happens. And if you start having trouble paying your bills, we'll know why...


No need for me to tell you there's a lot of information here (LDLD) and at other websites as to how to hookup your pedal chain.


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Originally posted by The Rickler:

Is emulation a word?

Why Yes! It just happens to be!


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Just had my first "iffy" experience on Ebay. Bought a 4X10 without a firm shipping price and the shipping bill was $100 from Austin to Houston. Got the box and found out the tweeter was blown. Dis-assembled the tweeter and found the coil was burned. These are replaceable so I ordered a new one for $15 (instead of insisting on a new tweeter that goes for $50) and repaired a messed up caster (probably during shipping). I sent the seller a note and got the reply that bassicly the deal was so good to start with, they didn't feel they should even pay the parts cost (not to mention my labor). So my $175 "deal" ended up costing me just under $300. My advice? Don't buy if shipping isn't firmed up before hand on any large object. (I've seen 4X10's shipped across country for under $50)

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Not too long ago, I got ripped off for something that was over $1K on ebay. It was being sold by a "charity" that was legitimately registered in Alabama...I even talked to the charity founder on the phone quite a few times...sure sounded like an honest good-hearted lady. Luckily, I paid for the item with my mastercard, because she kept my money (and about $5K more from 3 other buyers) and never shipped the non-existent merchandise. Mastercard refunded my money, no problems...but I've still learned my lesson. Here's some suggestions I'd make:


1) Generally, don't buy from new Ebay sellers with no feedback (or negative feedback). Feedback scores are an indication of the seller's reputation, and reputations are earned the hard way.


2) If you do buy from a seller with no feedback, and it's a high-dollar item, inquire BEFORE you bid on whether they'll take www.escrow.com. If they say no or don't answer, pass on the item and wait for the next one.


3) Make sure you understand any shipping or insurance charges before you bid.


4) If you find an item that is simply too good to be true, then it probably is. Pass on it and wait for the next one.


5) If you bid, mean it. If you buy, mean it. Follow through with your commitments so you'll get good feedback as a buyer. There are sellers who will reject bids from buyers with negative feedback...like I said above, reputations are earned the hard way.


I believe that about 99% of the world is basically honest (meaning that most people won't go out of their way to be dishonest). However, that 1% that is intentionally dishonest kind of ruins some of it for the rest of us.


These small time petty thieves continue to do credit card fraud. Why? Because they can. If you scam large amounts of money via credit card fraud or similar, they'll get a visit from select government agencies. However, if you steal small amounts, you generally get away scott free...up to a point. It costs the credit card companies more than $1K to actually go after some crook who stole $1K. However, the mistake these crooks make is to keep doing it...after a credit card company has lost enough money to one person, it then becomes economically feasible to pursue the criminal. The credit card companies typically do not lose when they've made that decision.




Old bass players never die, they just buy lighter rigs.

- Tom Capasso, 11/9/2006


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eBay is a great place to look for stuff. I have had (knock on wood) very god luck there so far...as a seller and a buyer.


As with any online shopping, just be careful, check things out, and if it doesn't "feel" right, don't do it.


I have had a couple of deals where after emailing or talking to the seller I had a bad feeling and didn't deal with them. Better safe than sorry.


If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Have fun. :)

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