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Awsome Jam.......


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Recently, our band at church has been looking for more musicians to join us and form more praise and worship teams.

The only pre-requesit is to be competent at

their instrument. We usually have an "open" jam after practice.

We had an extra session this morning with a drummer who came Wednesday night.

All I can say is WOAH... This young man is a killer drummer. Its been many, many years since I played with a drummer who was so easy and fun to lock in with... I mean, the groove was so solid.... it was like we were one instrument. This dude can ROCK!!! And it brought out something in the guitarist too.... killer licks... he's usually so layed back and conservative in his playing....

I am so amped up right now.... :D:D:D

I just had to share this..




Rock on....



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Hey Tommy,


That's good news! It's always more fun (and more inspirational) to play with other good players.


Gotta say - when I first moved down here from Detroit, I was disappointed by the lack of good drummers. Got to the point that I stopped looking for gigs and didn't play out for almost ten years.


A couple of great ones (who always ended up 'moving on'), and a bunch of others who had issues. Lots of good bassists, keyboardists and guitarists, tho'.


Luckily, I'm working with the best drummer I've ever come across. It really is a treat to be able to lock in, regardless the musical style....it's been almost 3 years now, and we keep getting better.




Confirmed RoscoeHead

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My current roomate is a killer drummer, so I know the feeling. It helps. Congrats and have a great time playing. :thu:

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