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Today's Unsung Hero: Colin Moulding


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Colin Moulding doesn't seem to get much play around here. Maybe that's because XTC isn't very active anymore, they release a record every 3-5 years or so.


But Mr. Moulding is the man. Over the years, XTC has built up a suprisingly large catalog, and it's filled with terrific bass playing. Check out Colin's angry, almost atonal churning line on "Helicopter" from Drums And Wires. Or his smooth, virtuosic fretless playing on "Melt The Guns" from English Settlement. Or how he carries one of the greatest pop songs ever written, "The Mayor Of Simpleton" (Oranges And Lemons) with his nimble and jaw-dropping melodic invention.


And he's a great singer and songwriter, too, getting a George Harrison-esque two songs or so per disc.


If you haven't heard XTC, and Colin Moulding's playing with them, get out there to your local music mart and dive in. That's all!

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In somewhat the same mould, check out the Rheostatics. I've got THE BLUE HYSTERIA and WHALE MUSIC; the same level of quirky writing and playing smarts is evident on every cut. Better than hand grenades at golf range.

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I have been a fan of XTC's "radio hits" for a while, and "The Mayor Of Simpleton" in particular. I found the rest of that citrus to be unattractive...


I'll have to dig out some more stuff, but he is fine player whose parts have a great lyrical essence to them.


Time to dig out "mayor" and play it again....what a fun part :thu:




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Brother Yog, yes, Colin is a fantastic bass player and does amazingly cool things. It was you who turned me onto XTC more than anyone and I totally dig the stuff that they do.


I still smile everytime I listen to "Mayor of Simpleton" and the "one thing and that's.." line goes by. Mike Keneally stole that big time in "Day of the Cow part 2" from his first official solo release. A fitting tribute to a band that he loves so dearly.


English Settlement, Skylarking, and Oranges and Lemons all grace my CD collection and I dig them all.


As a side, Primus did a great cover of "Scissor Man" on their second EP of covers Rhinoplasty. Much coolness.

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I was just learning bass when "Generals And Majors" came out. Actually, it was the vocal arrangement that got me. I've really dug them ever since.


Colin plays bass like I'd like to. I'm getting there, but only on my own stuff.

He rawks!!!



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