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Finally have a band

Kooky Mogessi

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For the last 2 years my guitarist friend and i have been looking for a competent drummer we get along with both personally and musically to no avail, although we really only looked within our high school. Senior year comes around and we get a new kid who is exactly like us, personally a musically. better yet, he's a drummer. Therefore we finally have a band.


we've gotten together twice in the last week for about 2 hours each time and we have the workings of about 4 songs. Thing is none of them sound alike, not even the same genre. We have a jazzy jam, a blues song called little red rooster, a heavy metal cover of "in the hall of the mountain king" and we just kind of started a surf-ish sounding one.


its just like our musical tastes, bit of everything. over time i'm sure we'll settle into one genre but for now, this KICKS ASS!!

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Congratulations Kooky! That is great news :thu:


It sounds like your band is not only going to be entertaining, but also fun for you guys!


I hope you have a long, sucessful relationship.


... connie z

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New bands are cool

New bands you get along with are cooler.

New bands you get along with and play good music with are the coolest. :thu:

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I'm jealous :D Quit mine a few days ago (thread somewhere on this forum if you're interested) and am now (passively) looking for a new one. I am thinking of just sticking to loads of practice for about 6 months and then starting a group from scratch, to MY satisfaction.


Bass players make excellent band leaders :thu: Well, here's hopin' I will anyway :D

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Sounds kkkkkkkkkkkkkoooooooooooool! I love the music that results from people who are aware of many genres and musical influences. Keep your stick on the ice... we're all pullin' for you!*



*suspenders not included, duct tape void where prohibited by law

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