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Mouth Watering Decision: Which Cab?


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Hey! My final paycheck from my summer job came in, and now friends, I have a small teenager's formytune to spend on....




I have about $300 dollars, and I would prefer not to go over that by much. Right now, I have 2 different cabs in mind. They are:


Avatar\'s Neo 2x10




Dr. Bass Cab RX 2x10


I'd decided awhile ago that due to the good reviews and good customer support, I was gonna go loco and try one of Dr. Bass's MDF cabs.


Then, I read what you guys said about MDF, and rethought things.


The Avatar weighs 44 lbs WITH Neo drivers and 3/4 baltic plywood (lighter than MDF).


The Dr. Bass weighs 40 lbs WITHOUT Neo drivers and 1/2 inch MDF (heavier than baltic plywood).


That means that the Avatar has a ton more bracing in it, meaning it's probably a champ resonance-wise.


What am I looking for in my cabinent?

1) Good sound (pretty obvious)

2) Low weight (I'd like a pretty portable cab)

3) Handles E string with definition (I don't care about a B string)

4) About $300

5) Pretty good quality (I'll baby my cab, but I still would like some security)

6) A decent standalone cab (I want this to be the only cab I need)


Pretty unique standards, ehh? Given those goals, what cab do you think would be better? I realize no one here is going to have played both, but if you can praise one, or give my a decent opinion, I'd appreciate it.


I'd be playing this through an OLP MM2 (passive) into a Peavey Mark VIII (350 watts into 4 ohms).


Guys, thanks for million for the help. Buying my first bass cab is a HUGE deal to me, and your help and advice means a ton to me.




(I've also considered getting Dr. Bass's 2x12 cab, but I think I'd rather have a real light cab).

In Skynyrd We Trust
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I have never played through cabinets by either manufacturer. However, based solely on the rep of Avatar(and knowing nothing about Dr. Bass) I would personally go with the NEO 2x10.


Been eyeing some Avatars lately myself.



Nothing is as it seems but everything is exactly what it is - B. Banzai


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I haven't visited here in a long while.

Well I have THE cab for you and I only want $300 plus shipping for it.

Check all the reviews.... Mesa Boogie Powerhouse 15.

Here's some info....

1x15 Deep PowerHouse Bass Cabinet

Due to its full range frequency response, the 1x15 Deep PowerHouse is one

of the most versatile compact cabinets we make. This cabinet features great

low-end depth and smooth natural lift into the mid to mid-high frequency

ranges ...and then takes it a step further by featuring a passive cross-over

that smoothly transitions the extended high frequencies to a high frequency

driver, which can be attenuated by an adjustable level control, including

turning it off. This cabinet is at home in any musical environment, whether

it be by itself or as part of a bigger rig, your tone will be covered A to Z.

Additional Features:


400 Watts

Custom PowerHouse Speaker

High Frequency Driver w/Adjustable Level Control

Trak-Loc Casters, 8 Ohms


Hope this helps. It's a great cabinet. I just switched over to all Ampeg stuff.

Reply to xhawk4@hotmail.com



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I hate to throw a 3rd item into the mix, but how about:




I have the XS400 combo, and that thing is bomb proof. My first gig it took a tumble down a flight of stairs. Just a small scuff on the cabinet, but things are just fine. Yorkville has one of the best warranties in the business, is great value for the money, and is decent gear. The gear snobs won't be drooling over your rig, but it'll work forever.








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between your two options my vote is for the avatar, only because i would not trust 1/2" MDF. MDF needs to be 3/4" -- the 3/4" plywood will be considerably tougher and stronger.


however, i think you may be well served to look into the used market. a lot of great cabinets can be had there. i spend a little over $400 to get my bergantino HT-112 in perfect condition with a cover. i'm sure you could find an acme B2 with some patience that would absolutely destroy your two options. very much out there on bassgear.com, harmony-central.com, and evil-bay.



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For some reason, I'm not sure if its scientific or what, I've always gone with the heavier cabinets. They seem more rugged, strong and sonically stable. Light cabinets seem to lose out on the bottom end tones that i love so dearly.


Not sure about pricing or availability, but have you looked at the mesa powerhouse 2x10? I had one (and upgraded to 4x10) but loved it all the same, it had great tone and was very portable, weighed decent came with a nice cover for protection during transport.


Just a thought, good luck!

Check out my work in progress.
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The Carvin stomps the Avatar for tone and handling low B as well. I've gotten to A/B and even the kid who got the Avatar agreed, as did his parents. Sometimes a couple of extra bux is really what it takes to make it tick.
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Originally posted by 73 P Bass:

I have a Avatar B210 cabinet.It cuts through great in a loud rock situation. It does not have the clarity, and range of sound as my Goliath Jr., but it did cost less than half what the SWR cost.

"Start listening to music!".

-Jeremy C

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Thanks a ton for all of the responses!


For the responses...


Rhinorob, Avatar 2x12? Heck no! I'm looking for a lightweight cabinet (hence 40 lbs for the Dr. Bass and 44 lbs for the Avatar). The biggest I'd allow myself to go, is Dr. Bass's RX 2x12 at a whopping 52 lbs. Yes, I do want it all.


Rockin, I'm almost for sure using my pretty newly bought Peavey Mark VIII head. I'm looking for a cab, not a combo. Thanks for suggesting anyways.


Robb, I would be saving for an Acme B-2, but, largely because of a thread posted a little while ago, the Acme was determined too power hungry for my situation. If I felt like spending about $800 dollars more, I'd consider the Acme B-2 and a high powered amp. Believe me, I HAVE searched the used section, though not pawn shops as my parents hate them.


#6, those Carvins are heavier than I'm wanting to go. They weigh I believe 56 lbs. Plus, you tried it against a B210. These Neo speakers are such an improvement that Dave stopped making the B210 (that's speculation, but he really did stop).


Rotosound, as addressed with the 2x12 suggestion, I'm looking for a 2x10, or I guess a 1x15, as I want a small cab. 4x10 bigger and heavier than I'd prefer.


I've done a ton of research on this, and I'm still so far from my decision.


I've heard nothing but good reviews of the Dr. Bass cab, but all of the points you guys have brought up are exactly what I'm thinking. It's far too light for such a heavy materialed and non-neo speakered cab too have enough bracing that I'm going to need.


Back to the drawing board.

In Skynyrd We Trust
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Actually the Avatar 210 Neo sounds like a tremendous improvement over the original cabinet because the drivers are sure to be not only lighter, but also a little smoother and fuller. The stock Eminence Neos aren't quite there(I considered using them for a cab but they lack for bass response too)... but these are slightly improved versions...


Their new version that is NOT using neodymium drivers - using Kappa Pro - will also be a big improvement. They are a heavier driver but actually handle more power, have a lot more sub-100 Hz content {I think that would be called BASS in some circles ; }, and are pretty efficient for anything of that RMS rating that's actually made for bass.


So with Avatar, crossovers are still the main place where the corners are cut. In a two-way, it is really the difference between a quality sound, and merely a loud sound. If the woofers can't fill in for the Fostex horn harshness as is so often the case with two-ways, it just limits the types of tone you can get and still cut well.


With the 212 this is not such an issue because the woofer response is not ALSO harsh. Maybe with these new NO cabs that will also be the case. You can always put a real crossover in later if you desire better control and protection and tone. If Avatar gets into real crossovers they will have turned the final corner.


This is the Carvin I am talking about:



It is lighter. 50 pounds at the most (really tough to trust manufacturers to even get this figure right. Do they all buy bathroom scales at Walmart - or just make the numbers up?) It's a good cab with a good crossover.

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That hardly matters here. I see "headroom" in so many posts these days yet I suspect that


(1) it is being advertised 24/7 on prime time.

(2) that many people here who talk about headroom really don't know what it is and what it does.*


But DLITPD has what he has for an amp. The trick is to find an affordable cab that will be nice with it.



* Use SEARCH if you want to learn about headroom; then thrwo away 99% of what you find.

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Originally posted by Da LadY In Tha Pink Dress:

[Rhinorob, Avatar 2x12? Heck no! I'm looking for a lightweight cabinet (hence 40 lbs for the Dr. Bass and 44 lbs for the Avatar). The biggest I'd allow myself to go, is Dr. Bass's RX 2x12 at a whopping 52 lbs. Yes, I do want it all.


well there is always the 112 but if you are set on weight then i would go with the neo 210 (the tuning does not seem to far off from the b212)i am thinking about getting one myself for the upstairs gigs. some how i just hate lugging my 4x10 up the stairs.

good luck on what you decide. you could also check musicgoround.com .

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If you decide to go the "buy the Avatar and later add a real crossover" route I'll help you then. Take a look on Carvin's website at the crossover/cup assembly that they use for their 210. They also have the data there for the wire code, which is very easy, and the dimensions of the cutout (very easy to do an adapter if not the same). You'll also notice that you get an additional SPeakon connector there, which is the best way to connect and daisy chain.


Another company that also has suitable and affordable crossovers for this application is Eminence. Specs available on their website, and several discount mail orders handle their stuff including http://www.usspeaker.com/ and http://www.speakerrepair.com/ ...

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I use the Avatar 2x10 "pro" version. I got it before this new Neo 2x10 came out. My cab is about 50-55 lbs or so. I can carry it in one hand.


Personally, I don't like the Tweeter. They dont do much. They especially don't project too much either, IMO. I keep mine off all the time as it just makes hiss.


I am very pleased with the sound of those Kappa 10" speakers though. I had originally gotten the 2x10 with a 1x15, but I thought the 15 was lacking too much in the high end, so I sold that and got a 4x10 (which is super heavy).


But hey, it sounds good.


Get the avatar. :thu:

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Well, I made a trip to GC today and tried my Peavey Mark VIII and OLP MM2 strung with flats on an SWR (which I hear the Avatar's are quite similiar to).


My concensus? If the Avatar sound remotely like the SWR, I think I'll be fine. I ran my bass straight in with a flat EQ and just used my hands the low pass filter thingy, and I found absolutely nothing wrong with it. I feel the the vibe going on was a slightly punchier, slightly less bassier version of my 15 inch Crate combo with an oodle load more volume. I didn't really see any problem with the tweeter (though being "crippled" didn't allow me to fiddle with the tweeter).


So, I think I'm jumping on the Avatar Neo 2x10. The only thing that seems to be wrong is the crossover (according to Numba Sixer), which for something like $60 bucks round-a-bout can be fixed.


I do have like 2 questions that I hope you'll please answer.


My amp has 350 watts at 4 ohms, and, according to the back, is rated for 600 watts at 2 ohms (inferring that I can go that low). Do you think I should buy the 4 ohm or 8 ohm version? The SWR I played was 8 ohms and I thought it sounded fine, and I think the only think I'm going to add onto this is either another Neo 2x10 in future for more volume or a 1x15. I really don't see why I'd ever want to use 3 cabs or more. Worse case scenario, I'd have 2 8 ohm cabs and a 4 ohm cab, right? I was planning to just have this 2x10 for all purposes, it'll have more than enough volume to play with unmiced drums I think, so would those watts be wisely tapped?


And the other question, should I get the casters? It sounds like this'll be an amazingly lightweight amp, but I think I could probably use the casters, and they are only 9 bucks. So do y'all concur on the casters?


Thanks guys for all of the help! I'm a very cautious guy and never go into things head first, so it's really nice to have your guy's support. Thanks.



In Skynyrd We Trust
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i would go with the 4 ohm cab. so you don't have to turn the volume up as loud to be heard. you won't have to push your amp as hard.


with the weight casters are something you can worry about later. i doubt that you will need them plus as low as the thing would sit on casters would probably just make you carry it anyway. i would just get a collapsible hand truck.

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A bit late on the weight in but I'd jump on the Avatar cab. I own their PA cabs from before they decided to concentrate on guitar and bass cabs. Outstanding units.


Something to think about. The Birch is very good, sonically, with few voids that alter the sound. I just happens to be be lighter than lots of other options.


Our Joint


"When you come slam bang up against trouble, it never looks half as bad if you face up to it." The Duke...

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