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Another nail in the coffin of original composition (not really)


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Okay, first of all, I don't believe this actually represents any kind of reason to doubt the future of composition or instrumentalists, and I'm also a big fan of Apple in general (my personal computer, work computer, and the entire network I maintain are all Macs) and I like playing around with their new GarageBand software.


Even still, listen to the example tracks from the rhythm jam pack on this site, and let me know what you think.


Oh, and I don't care for the fact that this webpage starts out by saying that this software will allow you to forgo finding a real bass player, either...




The audio samples are at the bottom of the page, under the columns. I've been listening to the samples under the "rhythm" section.

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Hags, I totally know where you are coming from, but I don't think anyone needs to worry about being replaced by this library or any other, for that matter.


I have hundreds of gigs of sample libraries and virtual instruments (check out Trilogy sometime) that make the Apple Loops seem toylike (which they most certainly are not...I own all three of those JamPacks).


Again, I completely get your drift, but it's really the same thing that drummers have been Chicken Littling for years concerning drum machines. And instead of drummers being replaced - I think all musicians are finding it tough these days - whole new microgenres of music were created because of drum machines.


But to get specific about Apple, I think Garageband will do more good than harm. Apple's main talent is not innovation. Almost all of their successes existed elsewhere for years. Their driving talent is marketing...recognizing how to package something for mass appeal. And they are the best at it.


So the iLife bundle comes out, and now people can put together a near-professional looking DVD with awesome transitions and a great soundtrack. And now, instead of using your favorite CD's, you can semi-arrange and really compose your own tunes as the bg music.


So the optimistic way of thinking about it is to see it as a way for people to become participants in a way they never would have without an comprehensive yet easy to use music program. And I bet a lot of Garageband users never knew what a bass did before they used some in a track.


By the way, let me make an unsolicited plug for Garageband here. It's free if you buy a Mac, or $50 bucks bundled with a bunch or really world class apps.


For that price you get a near professional-quality audio engine (better than the best software out there a few years ago) a ton of MIDI instruments, and loops upon loops that you can transpose without changing tempo or vice-versa. I use its $1000 big brother Logic Pro, but there is a TON of stuff in Garageband that is incredibly easy to learn and very usable without sounding like Band in the Box.


As some of you know, I am putting together a bunch of songs for a big show I'm doing. I'm doing some of the scratch work in Garageband. I'll mix a few down in both programs in a few weeks so you can compare.

"For instance" is not proof.


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Very cool, zero. I think you're right about Apple knowing how to seek trends out and market them to the masses. And I also think those apps you are referring to are really awesome. I was hooked on getting an iMac several years ago when they first started advertising the whole "desktop movies" thing, and I couldn't be happier that they're pushing that enevelope in the world of music and digital composition now.


I'm really tempted to get those jampacks myself, if only to tinker with and have some fun!


I suppose the only thing that even remotely negatively impacted me was the suggestion that you can skip finding a bass player and "make one" yourself :)

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