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Way OT - A Hurricane Story


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Called up my best friend tonight - been putting it off, I knew it would be bad news. His house was bad off after Hurricane Francis. I knew it would be a Pile On after Hurricane Jeanne.


Let me tell you about Ric:

Hes a good ol boy, FLA Cracker. Never one to take advantage - if he can make do, he will. Aint nobody gonna give him nothing...IF he cant earn it himself. Proud as all get out, works as hard as a man can - will work even harder if the family needs. Hed bust his butt for me or anyone else that he felt would do the same. His wife and family are an extension of him. If they can help, theyll be there with armloads of whatever you need. Just, really, really, decent folk.


But, I know him best as a guitarist and singer. After 30+ years as a musician, I dont know that Ive ever worked with someone who pulled notes (guitar-wise or vocally) from the depths of their soul like he does. As a bassist (and singer), he forces me to be my best at every show - no matter the size or attendance. He has that...strength, that charisma, that ability, that talent. He is (in my humble opinion and experience) the best musician I know. It is a joy working with, and knowing, him.




Most of his house is in ruins after Hurricane Frances. Ric sees it as a chance to make what he has (not much) better, post-storm. "This" will now be up to code, "That" will be better in case of another hurricane...Ever the optimist - he sees the positive side of a bad situation.


Hurricane Jeanne hits - the same area as Frances, the same folks, worse end result. We havent seen two Hurricanes hit here in the same place in decades. As well prepared as we could possibly be, we could never be prepared for this anomaly.


"Ric? - How are you"?


"Its all gone - the house, everything. We bought this place 4 months ago...its all gone."


"Are yall OK?"


"We got out just in time. Ten minutes after we ran to the neighbors, the entire roof fell in and crushed everything that was therenothing left..."


...We talked a little while more, but I knew he didnt really want to discuss this in detail. right now.


...and I didnt want to interrupt the first hot meal he and his family had had in 5 days.


Ric said hed give me a call later this week...but I know him better than that.


Hell call when the house is fixed, and we can jam, and there will be a party, and the band will be there


I wont wait that long. My safe (but sorry) butt will be there this weekend to help pull anything that remains of value from his 'house of straw'. I know hed do the same for me...


Ric -

Hes a good ol boy, FLA Cracker. Never one to take advantage - if he can make do, he will. Aint nobody...






Confirmed RoscoeHead

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Here I was, griping about how the heck I'm gonna fix the hurricane-shaped holes in my roof (as I live just NW of Orlando.) :eek: I should be thankful to have my family (and dogs, of course) safe and a fixable home.


God bless you and your friend, JBFLA, I hope his family has a roof soon. Thank you for giving me some perspective.

"Study, study, study...or BONK BONK bad kids!"
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That's a tough situation your friend is in. I am glad to hear that he and his family are okay, everything else is replaceable and it sounds like this guy will come out all right in the end. With a friend like you there to support and aid him I bet they will be up and running again all the sooner!


My prayers go out to you both.Hang in there!



Nothing is as it seems but everything is exactly what it is - B. Banzai


Life is what happens while you are busy playing in bands.

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Would be a good occasion, in an area not so riddled, to have a benefit bash for your friend Ric. It might not help out a lot. But it might. And even if it was only to have something to let him know that folks were thinking of him and his family. Might raise enough money to buy the kids some new clothes to replace what they lost. Just something to hold 'em over, ya know...


'Cause that's what us musicians do.

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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I hope your friend gets through this JB. Is there anything useful that could be mailed to you guys, that you can't get down there? Reading material? Food? Batteries? Candles?

Also, I still can't find the link you sent.





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Tedster : that's a great idea. He's only been up there a few months - most of his friends and family are down here - we could do it here...as soon as the electric comes back. FPL says Oct 8-12 is the target date for us to be 100% back on.


Bubba : a friend in Vero named the holes in the roof after the storms that made 'em. He's got Charley A and Charley B, Frances, and the Jeanne twins (fraternal). He said he just needed to lighten up the topic.


Tom : Thanks, but we're OK - unless you can UPS some 120v 60hz AC this way. :idea:

Try this link.




Confirmed RoscoeHead

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Wow Jim... that's miserable. I feel for your friend. Now I feel guilty bitching about knee deep water and the pump house and well getting crushed by a tree falling on it. I'm thankful my home remained intact.

Glad you're OK and hope your friend and his family get a new home soon.

If you do decide to do a benefit, let me know.... I'd like to be a part of it. WPB isn't that far from Jax.



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I've been disturbed by heavy rains backing up sewers around here and my car stalling out, but then I read what happened to you two and how you dealt with it. I'm just shutting the ^#@$ up!


You're better men than I am. I appreciate your sharing this with us and I learned something from it. Thank you!


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Kudos to you for going to help out!


You started by describing what a great guy Ric is, and then said he is a guitarist/singer. I'm thinking "yeah - right". Hey - I've met a few of these myself....


Tell Ric we're all wishing him well.



Acoustic Color


Be practical as well as generous in your ideals. Keep your eyes on the stars and keep your feet on the ground. - Theodore Roosevelt

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