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Interesting outcomes from a Bridal Fair.


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Hourglass, the shredding neoprogmetal outfit to which I owe my allegiance, has recently recognized our talent for moonlighting as a cover band and decided that since playing a 1.5-hour acoustic set at wedding and getting paid well for it was so much fun that we'd try to advertise ourselves at a local bridal fair.


We picked the lightest fare we knew and threw in a few others learned specifically for weddings ("Every Breath You Take," "With or Without You," etc), punctuating things with a few toe-tappers ("Just What I Needed," and "Come Sail Away"). We put the drummer on my V-drums and played through my Bose PAS systems and kept the volume down.


At the end of our hour, we probably had only two or three future-brides interested in maybe booking us. This was likely affected by the fact that we played from 10:30am to 11:30am on Saturday, NOT the busiest part of the show, but it was the only time that we (as a band) could work out our availability.


But what DID we get out of it? A disc jockey for a local oldies radio station was setting up to do a demonstration next to the stage on which we played, and she was very impressed with our show.


"The station throws a big New Year's Eve party down at the Hilton every year, 250 couples and we like 60's and 70's pop, rock, and disco. I want to recommend you guys! I think they paid the DJ last year maybe $800 or $1000 for a few hours. Do you think you guys would want to do that?"




Then the fair organizer talked to us.


"You guys were great! Usually the bands we have in here play too loudly, but you guys were perfect. I'd love to have you play at our fair in two weeks up in Layton, and then again in Park City in November! Also, I have a big Christmas party every year at my house, and while the pay isn't huge, lots of my friends work in radio, television, and film, and every band that has played has come out of it with a lot of good gigs. Would you want to do that?"


Indeed! Actually, we might not do the next bridal fair because it's 2.5 hours away and it might not be feasible to be booking clients that far away, but we'll probably do the other fair and consider her Christmas party. She doesn't seem like the kind to blow smoke about getting more gigs just to get us to show up.


So in the end, we got 3 definite opportunities to play (one of them paid) to quality audiences, 1 possible opportunity to get paid to play to a great audience, and a few tenative paying gigs. All for 1 hour of easy songs and a fairly light setup (though I'm a little peeved about the singer and drummer running 45 minutes late...)

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Rollin' in the dough now! :D

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